Tasmota based drop pin door lock <$30

I have 3 outside doors in my home. I have added a $200 keypad Z-Wave door lock on one of the doors, but still had to walk around the house every night to lock the other 2. I am not willing to spend another $400 to e-lock the other doors, as I consider that to be silly!

So, What to do?

I made some changes to this IE the template used buttons instead of switches causing the thing to reset to default. Therefore I re-did the article, and posted it on my website instead. Please see this website for details:


Interesting solution. Well done!
I have a question (just to be sure):

Does this mean that if there is a power outage in the neighborhood the doors will open?


Yes unless you battery hack it as well. It locks when the relay is energized.
No power lock is open.
The lock is supposed to work with a 12 volt source and the Sonoff SV is also good with that, so a 12 volt battery and power source and as long as the battery back-up stays up, the lock stays locked. I just figure if the crook is going to pull the meter off my house they are pretty desperate and I’m not keeping them out no matter what.
The concept and configuration of the lock is odd enough that a crook will have problems figuring it out anyway. So keep the button away from the door and armor the cable to safe it a bit more, but I’m comfortable in my neighborhood to go with what you see.

Yes, that’s totally true.
My main concern was about accidental power outage. My parents have a second residence in the country where it is common to have power outages when it rains. I like the battery backup idea. Thanks.

Another project in my to-do list :slight_smile:

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Update on this project.
I have one of the (2) SV’s I have set-up like this that appears to have failed after working fine for several weeks. The other is still working fine.
The first one will just give itself the reset 1 command and show up blinking with no configuration or WIFI info. Completely blank as a default sonoff basic.

I have reloaded it, I have re-flashed it to 6.6 and I have done reset1 1, reset2 1, reset3 1 between config reloads. I have done manual reloads and restored the confir grom the web interface. I have reset things in the serial link and from the web link. Every time the new template is loaded, either manually or by dropping it into the ‘other’ tab a few seconds later it resets to default.

I am assuming at this point the SV has been spiked out by the collapsing solenoid coil energy. I am adding a back-biased diode and 150uf of capacitance across the output to absorb that energy and will be putting in a replacement SV after i get one. The second lock is not cycled as much, it mostly sits in the on state. i will be adding the diode and Cap to that one as well.

When I catch the eventon the console in weblog 4 I see it says button event reset and the web looses connection and the wifi starts blinking.

If you have any ideas on recovery short of replacing the SV, let me know.

The problem was that the switch on the front was set up as a button, and when it stayed low too long it reset the SV to default… See my website for the updated configuration:

I finally have the tools that I needed to make a Blueprint get a keypad suitable for use on this project and many others. It will take a series of binary_sensors from a keypad or any physical connection, really, and make a cypher keypad for it in an automation. Look here in the blueprints exchange: