TCP commands for Ethernet relay


relais for switches/lights in my case, like A , B , C are starting with 41 42 43 …
moods are starting always with 53
but be carefull, the mood number is in HEX value
for example
mood number 20 on = hex = 14 =>
second but : moods are starting with 00 , then 01 , then 02
so 14 will be 13 :
so in this case : the hex value will be : 531301

the relais numbering is always in deciman , dont know why moods are in hex : )

dont you have the dobiss software tool? there you see what light endpoint is on the relais number
i have 4 relais, A B C D, so in my case i have 41 to 44
each relais has 12 lights/switches so from 4101 to 4112 …4201 … 4212 …and so on

do you also have dimmers?

I’ve got the software tool and no dimmers so thats already less complicated. :slight_smile:
can you als see the moodnumbers in the software tool? Didn’t see it last time I used the software.
so i change the outputadress in my string to 53? because in the pdf they say the outputadress range is 0x01-0x52 and my relais is on 01.
and the output id will be the mood number in hex?
they made it quite complicated!

yes, i see all numbers in the dobiss sofware , for relais and also for moods
its also possible to read out the status of the lights, as well as the light cel, if you have that, then you do automations based on the lightcel outside

indeed 01 to 52 is i think reserved for relais, 53 is reserved for moods, indeed not in documantation

@Mark-81 van you share that netcat version? I want to try it out on my hassos version…


Of course:

# nc -h

Ah ,but can’t you share the file? Or where do you have it from? :wink:

I can share the binary, but I don’t know if it works on your processor:

Ok, let’s try it out next week :wink:


i think i need the x86_64 version i am running hassos
but i cant do apt get-install commands
can i extract the executable from an rpm file? and then use it ?

ihow do you actually run that binary file you shared with me?
for test, i placed it in my config folder
then did
bash=> chmod 777 nc => ok
then do
bash=> ./nc

i get file not found

Hi @pergola.fabio. What “your string here” in your script do I actually need to send to get the state of all of my switches / lights? I also have a dobiss controller with an IP controller. But I don’t know how to trigger the readout. I’d rather not sift through the Dobiss Ambiance decompiled code.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "//pve/tank/configs/dobiss/", line 8, in <module>
  message = binascii.a2b_hex ("your string here") // needs proper hex string. but which one ?
binascii.Error: Non-hexadecimal digit found

hi, what do you have evolution or maxpro? i will send you the API info

Dobiss PRO CAN Programmer. DO5435. You have api documentation on that version? Would be great :slight_smile:

then i think you need this one

i have the older evolution, but the basics are the same
i use template lights/switches for my moods/lights/dimmers/switches

for the state , i used that python file, cause never got this sensor to work
if you can, then please share :slight_smile:

I will share if I get something working properly. Thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, well I have all my lights/switches/moods up and working, also with state if you control light from outside HA… But maybe my code can have improvement :wink:

Hi Fabio
Just found this topic :smile:
I also have the dobiss with the SXmastermodule DO5120 and the webserver
After many attempts I succeeded to control my switches with HA and the command line switch with curl.
I haven’t found it yet to get the states, so I am limited to get the full advantages of HA (automations and the other cool stuff) I am not a programmer at all and have no experience with netcat or python.
I don’t have the dobiss software tool so i am limited to get the info :grimacing:
Maybe you have tips to get the states working?