Teething problem …

I finally installed home assistant but have run into bit of a problem …. I am using an EE router and a 6 disc bt “disc” mesh setup for my internet and i am pleased with the set up and performance. I have 1 lead from the router used for the BT discs and another is going to a switch /hub which controls all my smart hubs. The problem is that when Ha logs in it is looking at the ee hub and only recognising my hubs and not anything on the bt discs (which is 80% of my smart home, )anybody got and solutions for me ?

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Sounds like a reasonable question, though it may not make much sense to anyone outside the UK…

My set up sounds similar. I also use BT discs (only three, though - you must have a pretty big house!). I have a single ethernet switch connected to the router, and both the first disc and HA have wired connections through that. Wi-fi on the router is turned off so that all wireless connections come through the discs. This works pretty well.

My comment wasn’t in regard to the question the OP posed, but the style of the post, like I said. A nondescript title, a lack of categories, tags, and formatting, no links to any research or related posts that they found, etc.