🌡 Temperature Control Exhaust Fan

Have a look at this blueprint :round_pushpin: State Notifications & Actions it is what you are looking for. Have a look at it and if you have any questions just ask in that post.

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That would work but it would be nice to add Notification capabilities to some of these other blueprints. They don’t have to be as elaborate with the actions and buttons.

You dont have to use the action buttons. It will give you your Rising Value for X seconds and your Falling Value for X seconds. You can also run scripts in your actions. Just don’t enable the action buttons and enable the auto actions. Then enter your script and you are done.

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This blueprint has been great and I’m using it for a couple different things. One thing I’m trying to do is have it turn back off after another sensor rises above a certain temp but I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

The exact use case is: I have a temp sensor in my attic that is driving the main trigger. Once it rises above 95F it turns on a fan that pushes warm air into my workshop below. It then shuts off if the attic temp drops below 70F. Works great but what I would like is a secondary temp trigger for when my workshop is above 72F it shuts off.

Any ideas?


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I like the idea, I will put it on my list to do…

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Hi Blacky. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the community. I’m new with HA. The temperature control automation turned the fan on when the sensor reached the rising-value temperature and turned it off after the max_run_time. However, it has not turned it on again even when the temp is still above the threshold. Since the temp in the garage is above 80F during summer, my idea is turning the fan on for 30 min periods, if possible wait x minutes, then turn it back on while the temp is above limit otherwise the fan will stay on forever.


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Currently it does not have that feature but I can see what you are trying to do. Remember I am just reading this in 1 min and replying so I am trying to get my head around it. I value your feedback.

If you turn the fan ON because it is above 80F and then turn it OFF and it is still above 80F to then wait and turn it ON again like a cycle what are you gaining as apposed to just not turning it ON in the first place. Are you just trying to save power so that when it can bring the temp down, it can (due to night fall or a change in the weather conditions) because it just keeps trying? It could also reduce annoying fan noise and ware and tare on your fan :thinking: I am one for saving power not only for the cost saving but it is just a good thing to do. The more I type it is not a bad idea. I will put it on the list to do.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for your kind words.

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Would it be possible to add the same bypass logic here as in the sensor light blueprint?

I am trying to use this blueprint for my ceiling fans and would like to have multiple bypass on and off situations.


Hi Fred, I not sure what version you are on but the blueprint has same bypass as the sensor light. Try updating, just click on the blue button above as it will update it.

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I’m on 1.8. The sensor light has check boxes for the bypass (so I can choose multiple) and allows input for more then one sensor. This exhaust fan blueprint only has one bypass option? Do I overlook something?

O yes your right I haven’t updated it. I will put it on the list to look at. I am going to do a blueprint just for ceiling fans. Not sure if someone has done one already but I normally just make my own one.

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Awesome, looking forward to it!