Temperature, Humidity and Rain for under 10 EUR

I’m definitely not getting this x3 multiplier.

But I just thought, are you both (@VDRainer, @smi) using Farenheit? That could explain it, I’m using Centigrade?

I think this has nothing to do with the units.
It’s just a value in the mqtt payload and rtl_433 shows it as ‘temperature_C’.

If i reset the gauge and the station, the value_json shows "temperature_C" : 0.0 and the station shows 0.0,

If i tip the gauge one time, the value_json shows "temperature_C" : 0.1, and the station shows 0.3, which is the least resolution of the gauge.

EDIT: Maybe the confusion comes from the display values of the station. I think it resets its value one week after it was turned on, no matter which day of the week it is.

Ahh… ok, so the confusion came from the fact that I was not realising that the temperature_C figure was the weekly total.
It all makes sense now.

Thank you!


I should have read more carefully…

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I think I will order some :smiley:

Do you also get new IDs whenever you reset it?
This will mean remembering to update the sensors in HA whenever you change batteries…

I see this behavior on every 433 sensor i have.

Fair enough. I haven’t yet had to change any of my 433 sensor batteries.

Out of interest what do you use to receive the signals for the Digoo?

I’m using this DVB-T Stick with rtl_433.

I don’t see it on any of my 433. I have 12 Digoo DG-R8H temp/humidity sensors, and a bunch of 433 Digoo door/window sensors and Digoo Pir. The Digoo R8S temp/humidity sensor is known to change ID every time you change batteries however.

I’ve installed the addon in Hass (Supervisor) but it fails to start:

/rtl2mqtt.sh: line 185: /usr/local/bin/rtl_433: not found

any thoughts ?

try adding the file directly via wget or so to the correct folder /config/rtl4332mqtt

Had the same problem when adding the code via file editor in supervisor.

I did that. The error is that rtl2mqtt.sh cannot find /usr/local/bin/rtl_433


Die you restart the host?

Yes. Now I get this: Error loading shared library librtlsdr.so.0: No such file or directory (needed by /usr/local/bin/rtl_433)

edit: solved https://github.com/james-fry/hassio-addons/issues/31

@VDRainer May I ask how you get that DVB-T to work in Windows?
I only get

rtl_433 version 20.02-94-gf03710a branch  at 202007201253 inputs file rtl_tcp RTL-SDR
Use -h for usage help and see https://triq.org/ for documentation.
Trying conf file at "C:\_HA\rtl_433-20.02-94-gf03710a-win-x32\rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "C:\Users\martin\AppData\Local\rtl_433\rtl_433.conf"...
Trying conf file at "C:\ProgramData\rtl_433\rtl_433.conf"...
Registered 130 out of 158 device decoding protocols [ 1-4 8 11-12 15-17 19-21 23 25-26 29-36 38-60 63 67-71 73-100 102-105 108-116 119 121 124-128 130-149 151-158 ]
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
Resetting device...
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_demod_write_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_demod_read_reg failed with -5
rtlsdr_demod_write_reg failed with -5

Sorry, no clue about running rtl_433 on windows, running it on a RPi.

Ok, thanks, I will set it up on a RPI then, thanks.

So are you guys using the digoo sensors with the Sonoff RF bridge? Because I ordered a set and put batteries in it but never see anything inthe Tasmota console. My doorbell appears in the console when I ring it so the bridge seems to be working…

Very plausible the RF bridge does not support these sensors.

Haha okay, so I can stop trying :smiley: