The $6.90 Human Static mmWave Module now includes parameter setting templates. What other features should it further introduce/develop?

Seeed’s 24GHz Human Static Presence Module, with a low cost of $6.90 and ESPHome-supported, now even has setting templates.

:slightly_frowning_face: At the beginning, many people might be scared by the wired sensitivity of old mmWave radars provided by Seeed, and most of them spent quite a lot of time in the parameters settings.

Now Seeed has released custom mode parameter setting templates that cover bathrooms, bedrooms, office rooms, and warehouses, check here:

Does anyone benefit from these templates? Just want to know what else needs to be done further to make it shine out of a bunch of mmWaves, except for its price and ESPHome integration.

— from a team that desperately wants to improve their products

– 2023/10/25 —
We also released an ESPHome-supported $26.99 mmWave sensor kit that is compatible with all of the mmWave sensors of Seeed (24GHz Human Static Presence mmWave Sensor60GHz Respiratory Heartbeat Detection60GHz Fall Detection )

Still, welcome any thoughts or feedback about this kit, is it the one that you are looking for?


Profile that prevents detection of ceiling/stand fan, although im not sure if it’s possible because it’s mmwave.
Is your taobao store still in stock for that particular model? I just checked and it’s still not available,

hahaha, it is a crazy idea, check this:

For everyone who is still struggling with the sensitivity/parameter settings, try utilizing these two documents.
Document A:
Document B:

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:fist: :fist: :fist: Guys!!! An out-of-the-box Smart Home integrated mmWave sensor kit is finally here.

check the demo here:

It’s the mmWave sensor kit with the best using experience we ever have

I think it’s quite possible to achieve. You just need to make sure there are no fans in the radar’s sweep range.

For now I’m using the LD2450 to exclude the zones with interference like ceiling fan or ac.

How about ld2410? Do you try it before?

I’m using that as well, mostly for areas like bathroom where there’s no interference like fans

Would you be interested in trying the mmWave sensor kit? I found that the human presence mmWave sensor is quite common now, but there is few fall detection or Respiratory Heartbeat sensor, is it because fall or respiratory already covers the function of human presence?

I’m actually more concerned about having some extra option to exclude zones with interference. Which LD2450 does now with its multitracking, or is there another sensor that performs similarly?

From what I understand, this is the best thing about this product. And the fact that it has Bluetooth.