The Future of Z-Wave in HA - QT-OpenZWave

Agree about starting when HA restarts. I use the HA uptime sensor, but there are other ways to keep that from happening. Here is a simple automation I’ve been using. I use the doubletap on one switch to turn on a light without a switch nearby

- alias: Turn off TV Backlights in Bedroom from vanity switch
  - platform: state
    entity_id: sensor.bedroom_vanity_light_basic
  - condition: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.ha_runtime_in_minutes
    above: 2
  - service_template: >
      {% if (states.sensor.bedroom_vanity_light_basic.state)  == '255' %}
      {% elif (states.sensor.bedroom_vanity_light_basic.state) == '0' %}
      {% endif %}
    entity_id: light.bedroom_tv_lights

Back in the spring I was pretty engaged in working through some of the refresh issues with the developer folks. This was all for a seasonal home and so for the summer I was off Zwave stuff but now I’m headed back to it. One thing that was bothersome at the time was that the ozw.scene_activated required a node id and those weren’t really available other than by manually looking at them. This seemed error prone and at the time there was some discussion about reintroducing a device notion and using that for things like scene_activated that needed the id. Doesn’t look like this occurred so is there any best practice developed yet that avoids hard coding node ids in automation triggers? At the time, templating, which seemed like it might work (use the entity_id and pull the node id attribute from there wouldn’t work in that context. So before I start from scratch here what is the best approach? Thanks.

Hi All,

I am not sure if the this is the post to use. I have setup the Openzwave and it is working fine. But my AEON Labs Zstick Gen 5 is showing me that it is not capable of using Zwave Plus. Why is this? How can i to solve this issue?


OpenZWave Version 1.6.1392
qt-openzwave Version: 1.2.0
QT Version: 5.12.8

I believe this is an issue of the OZW-admin software not reporting the attribute for the controller. It seems to report it correctly for other ZWave devices in the network, just not for the ZWave controller itself.

I have two different ZWave controllers (an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Plus, and a Z-Wave.Me USB stick). Both are ZWave Plus devices, but the OZW-Admin falsely reports that they are first generation ZWave.

Hi Geoff,

Thank for your answer, i hope that it will be solved in a next release.

Hi experts,

I really hope for some help… This takes away the glory of my automation…

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I’ve created a python script to manage these settings easily, as well as being able to set polling frequency. Really wish these were configurable in the Home Assistant OpenZWave add-on since there is a large number of devices that do not support instant status updates.


That is very helpful! Can you maybe explain how to use the script? What are the arguments? I can read the code a bit but am no developer so need some help :wink:

Thanks! Hopefully it will help others while the addon is still in beta. The usage is as follows:

usage: [-h] -s MQTT_SERVER -u MQTT_USERNAME -p MQTT_PASSWORD {list,enablepoll,disablepoll,setpollinterval,getpollinterval} ...

Commands to manage qt-OpenZWave over MQTT.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s MQTT_SERVER        MQTT server
  -u MQTT_USERNAME      MQTT username
  -p MQTT_PASSWORD      MQTT password

    list                Lists nodes
    enablepoll          Enables node polling
    disablepoll         Disables node polling
    setpollinterval     Sets the polling interval
    getpollinterval     Gets the polling interval

So first get a list of nodes, then get a list of values by list -n. This will print a list of value keys. These can be used as an argument for the enablepoll command.

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Briljant. I’ll try it out after work. Thanks a lot. Been trying to figure out how to easily do this and got a bit drowned in topics and documentation. Thanks!

There is ongoing work to make that happen in the integration. The last couple of releases, the integration has gotten quite a bit of improvement, just nothing super tangible for general use yet.

Currently I’m using my SmartThings hub to control all my ZWave/Zigbee devices. I’d like to move this all into HA. Since this is the ‘future’, does it make sense to start with this? Or should I use the standard ZWave integration until this is ready?

I’ve been very happy with ZWave2MQTT. It is solid and has a nice dashboard to configure it and the devices.

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I advised a friend of mine that is new to HA to start with the ozw beta, and it was a big mistake. While it may have the most features, it is not standard yet for a reason! I think maybe it is better for power users. I recommend just using the native z-wave integration for now. And allegedly migration will be easy once it’s time.

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While it is still a beta, I’ve been using QT-OpenZwave since I moved to HA a couple of months ago. It’s been solid for me, but I only have a small network of 30+ Zwave devices (a mixture of ZWave and ZWave+).

Admittedly, there was a learning curve - not for ZWave, which I have been using for five years, but for the necessary add-on of MQTT, which I have never used before.

I’ve been using it for three months now. Though it’s solid, the UI is a mess and nothing like easy to use. Screens are small, though this is with a lot of things in HA this time it’s really annoying. Enough for me to move z-wave back to my old hub for now.

I moved to zwavejs today and it seems very nice so far.

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I think I will do the same. I’ve lost any hope in «everything OZW». Quite surprised that HA is building their future on a dependency where the maintainer/developer has been absent (except for 3 times) for about 5 months. To me OZW seems abandoned.


As i recall one of the hosts during the conference was mentioning he is the project lead for z-wave. I think it was Martin from Nabu Casa. Maybe we can ask him what the status is? Im not on discord so I have to figure out if i can do this from within the topic. If i recalled correctly and the is the project lead he might know a bit more wheter z-wave os abandoned or not?

I think it’s worth the shot. @martinhjelmare do you have an update about the status for the z-wave integration? Many are wondering what is the best approach for z-wave since it looks development came a bit to a halt.

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