Thermostat and Boiler controller for EMS based boilers (Nefit, Buderus, Bosch) using ESP

Hi Richard, if your boiler support the EMS protocol then you can use the software and HA to simulate a basic thermostat by sending power and heating values to the boiler. It really depends on which type of boiler you are using though. Post a question on the GitHub issue board and see what others come back with?

Thanks Paul - I’ll do that

Hi @proddy, I just got my EMS-ESP kit from BBQkees. I got it working with some effort, but only the boiler is reporting data, the thermostat just return null for temperature and is at unknown state. What could be wrong here? I’ve used your YAMl examples files.

Hi, best if you log an issue on the github project page ( or do a post on gitter ( where I can help you real-time. I suspect its a config issue. Also make sure you’re using the latest version. In version 2.0 which is coming soon I use HA’s MQTT Discovery so the integration is a lot simpler.

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Since i have Buderus GB112 cannot use EMS-ESP. Purchased and modified BBQKees board to iRT and sucessfuly getting data from boiler to MQTT.

Since iRT-ESP is version without MQTT autodiscovery having issues integrating it to Homeassistant.
As noob i’m tried to write entity to configuration.yaml but getting nowhere.
On EMS-ESP there are no steps described for this.
Can someone share configuration.yaml entries for EMS-ESP that can be modified?
How to add this device to be visible under device under MQTT?
Plz help…

Thanks in advance