Tile Card Cover Buttons

I would like to create a tile card like in the documentation image where there is an open and close button but no stop button. Is this possible with the current tile card? The current feature doesn’t seem to offer that flexibility.

Shown in the Documentation

My Dashboard

My Code:

- type: tile
  entity: cover.large_garage_door
    - type: "cover-open-close"

Perhaps you can use the custom “Service Call” tile feature explained here, add 2 buttons and assign the relevant service calls to each button to move the cover up or down?

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As a possible way (may be not the best) - just remove the “stop” button by card-mod.
Go to the huge card-mod thread for details.

This looks like what I want, thanks. I was trying to move to a native implementation with the tile card vs mushroom, I guess this would be something of a hybrid approach.

Indeed, I am doing the same actually, but for me it’s moving away from the Buttons card where possible. I mainly used the Button cards for a dashboard layout on a tablet I have at my home office desk. I’ve now replaced that one completely to see how far I could push the Tile card.

Went from this (where I needed to tap, double tap, swipe over buttons, etc … to get to what I wanted to do:

To the below which (visually) is fully built with the Tile card (except the standard Markdown and the custom Mini Media Player cards) and most of the features used are in fact the “Service Call” custom feature:

I’ve also used the standard Conditional card with a toggle helper to show/hide additional buttons whenever I need them, or to hide the Mini Media Player card when nothing is playing anymore:

Definitely not there yet, but getting there :slight_smile:

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