Time used in the client when away from Home

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I travel away from my home very often, but keep a close eye on the HA system while away. One thing that bugs me is that because I’m in a different time zone to the home where HA is running that everything that Im seeing on the Phone or PC browser at the away location is based on the machines (client) local time. So then I have to add or subtract the time difference.

I would like to know if there is a way to avoid this and always see the HA instance in the actual Home location time? It would be great if in the Configurations/general settings that an option to “Use HA instalation time zone for viewing” would be available.

I checked the Android app settings under the user name and there is a “Time Format” options but all are related to the device local time and not the HA instalation time.

Or have I missed something and there is an option to do this already, either in the existing settings or by yaml file configurations?


Thanx @tom_l

I was getting excited that there was a fix! But doesnt look like there is currently. I do hope the developers of the phone aps could at least do someting about it as an option in the settings, to me that would seem fairly straight forward…but may be not!

ALso as any client is logging in to the Home Assistant server to access the data, I would have thought it could be an option to use the HA instalation site time zone, again fairly easily.

@balloob How likely do you think this “feature” request is being looked at from the HA developers team and do you think they might impliment any changes?


Please don’t tag people like that. It comes off as very demanding. See point 16 here.

Sorry my bad. I wasnt meaning as anything other than to inform that this is something I think affects a lot of people so would be a great addition if possible.

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Certainly not something may affect lot of people until they travel out of their time zones. It is something to look at.

Same issue here! is there any update ?

Any update on the above topic? I travel frequently for work, and this would be very useful.

I’m in the same boat and would love to see a solution.

Especially problematic with all my energy statistics. S.g., how many kWh’s have been used that day? It always starts and ends at different time now.

This was fixed some time ago. The setting is located in: SIDE MENUE / PROFILE / USER SETTINS
Then change the “Time Zone” to “Use server time zone” from the drop down.

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