Todo Integration - Sort by Task Name

Would like to be able to sort a todo list by task name. This functionality exists in the old shopping list integration (shopping_list.sort). Example: I keep a grocery list that has aisle number as the prefix. Sorting by task name then makes for a natural flow through the store…

Great idea. And both checked and unchecked items should be sorted, so that I easily can find back checked items and uncheck them when I run out for that item.

Just looking to port the sort functionality that was in shopping list integration over to the todo integration. Not looking to change any other functionality such as how checked items are handled. Suggest that is a separate request for the devs.

I agree that this would be nice. I put together a separate feature request to sort by due date, but I think the design change could facilitate sorting alphabetically as well.

I’ve added an automation here that could help with alphabetical sorting while we wait for this feature to be implemented.