Touchscreen remote for HA

Hello everyone,

I have been working on the software the whole weekend. Started from scratch and reworked it to support integrations to not just Home Assistant, but to other systems. Hopefully it will be easy to add more and more integrations. Controlling different entities will be component based. So there will be a component to control lights, blinds, etc. These will just send a high level command, that will be interpreted by the integration. I think this will work.

I’m building 1-2 components to show how I imagined the system and then I’ll push it to github, so developers could pitch in with ideas and help :slight_smile:

PCBs, aluminium cases and rubber buttons with silkscreen are on the way. I’m building 2 remotes to test the final materials, design, etc. I’ll report back when they arrive :slight_smile:



Great news, cant wait to see the pics.



I have just uploaded a working version of the rewritten software. Only the light component is half-ready so far, but most of the work was done on making multiple integrations easy to add and figuring out how the components should be added.

You’ll find the code here and some instructions, if you’d like to try it out:


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Hi all,

Lot’s of things happened. The remote got a name: Yio Remote. Yio stands for Your I/O (input output) remote. Also I have set up a forum, where we can talk about the remote in more detail and maybe structure the discussion:

Cool people already contributed to the project by creating translations, which is amazing :slight_smile:
I am working on finishing the first components, meanwhile waiting for the PCBs to arrive. Hopefully next week.

Things are getting exciting and I hope you can get your hands on the kit as soon as possible :slight_smile:



Made some progress in the Easter break. I’ve been sharing a lot of it on discord, but thought I’d share it here as well.

  • we moved the translation of the app to Qt’s own solution. This helped to streamline the process a lot. We already have 100% support for a couple of languages. If you’d like to help translate the rest, feel free to check out our translation page.
  • Many things happened in the app itself. Dashboard works now, you are able to add and remove your favorits to that page. The room page also works, gathering all your devices into rooms. This will be expanded even more in the near future. The settings page is fully functional with auto brightness, dark mode, cleaning mode, power saving options, language selectors, information about the remote and options to add more hubs and devices here. The latter is an ongoing plan to merge the setup app into the main app to give you a more streamlined user experience.
  • Some cool people are looking at the code and learning about the app and hopefully they will develop more cool integrations! :slight_smile:
  • And last the most exciting thing: Next week, the PCBs and the aluminium case will arrive. Expect a lot of pictures and frequent updates!

For some screengrabs, check out the forum post here:



Hi all,

There has been some progress with the remote. The buttons have arrived and they are working as they should. Here is a post about it:

Also as it is getting closer and closer for the kit-release, I am doing a poll over in the Yio Remote forums to see the demand for the kit. If you would like to purchase a kit, please head over to the forum poll and cast your vote :slight_smile: Thanks!


Hi all,

It has been a while since, I posted here, but the project is moving forward with full throttle. I have built a couple of remotes and testing the hardware to check everything is working as it should. Otherwise all the parts are there, just need to figure out the final price for the kit and the logistics how to get it to the ones that are interested.

There is a temporary website with some info:

And as always, there’s more update in the forum and on the discord server.



Such an interesting idea, count me in for pre orders! Have just signed up in the yio forum

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Thumps up mate! Cool product!

Thank you, @Yoinkz and @fillwe!

This is such an amazing project, I wish my wife’s acceptable limits on spending were quite a bit higher, but alas, I married a woman who doesn’t like to spend money. Lol

I just found this. Love your work. You are brilliant to do this in your free time. My friends call me a genius because of my tinkering - but I always feel guilty when I come on these sites and seeing what actually clever people are capable of.

I started out reading the whole thread , but towards the end I admit I started skimming. I’d definitely be interested in one. I think the smart home community is growing and this is smsomething you could sell as a fully baked product with all the work you put it.

I’d limit the physical buttons and not worry about incorporating every commenters wish - because that’s exactly what often kills good ideas and projects. Feature creep. When I’m writing software or building something - I keep thinking “oh and this feature would be nice” and soon the complexity (and cost in your case) and possible points of failure have increased dramatically. Any buttons can be implemented on the screen right? With haptic feedback (a la a cellphone) so people are familiar with it from the outset. I saw at one point above you’d come up to 11 physical buttons incorporating everyone’s wishes. And then saying maybe you could add a second PCB and a another micro-controller. That just doubles the pcb cost. I think the limit of what people would spend on something like this is up around $200 and not $500. Once it gets into cellphone territory- well then I’d buy an old cell phone…

Look at the capacitive buttons from Adafruit. There’s a dial and a slide. It could be incorporated underneath the housing in the lower part and the esp8266 handles them natively. Or a controller chip Can be added for cheap- I know because the breakout dev boards are available from China in the sub $1 range.

The difference between an excellent idea and a profitable product is what you have to sacrifice and still make it look and work great. If you can sell a few hundred (and I think you can) injection molding of plastic becomes practical. Much cheaper than custom cnc. Much nicer than 3D print.

Will be following this with great interest.


I wouldn’t.
I’ll be using it in a home cinema set up some times. Have you ever tried to use touch controls in the dark?
Physical buttons rule in this case.

@marton Super impressed by this project. I can’t wait to try it out.

@altimmons Thank you! You’ve missed some things, but I’ll give you a summary as I think maybe it would be interesting for others as well.

So the remote ended up with 13 buttons. After testing I realised that @tom_l is right and it’s much easier to use physical buttons. I have been using this remote in the past 2 years and when I watch a movie I just reach out to the remote and press the volume button. It’s muscle memory now and way better than a touchscreen :slight_smile:

I got a lot of feedback here in the forums and on other channels for the remote. At some point I decided to freeze the feature set and focus on getting a kit ready for the people who are interested in building one. Meanwhile the software development was ongoing and with the help of some very smart people it’s quite functional and stable at this point. Not a lot of devices supported yet, but working towards adding more and more. Also creating support for other home automation hubs.

Latest addition was adding IR learning and sending capabilities to the dock. And I consider this the last thing that changed in the design/features/etc.

Now I am in the process of figuring out a price for the remote, you say $200, but that is impossible to achieve with low quantities.

This is still a DIY project, think about it like a developer kit (that you can also use). I would love to create a ready-made product at some point, but until that happens, I would like to get a kit to those who are interested.

Thanks @ronschaeffer! :slight_smile:


I’ve been searching for this for years.
This looks fantastic, I’ll get one as soon as it’s available
I for one would love a kit.

Hi guys,

It has been a while since, I posted here, but for those who are still interested in building a remote, I have some good news :slight_smile: The Kickstarter campaign to get the kit out is around the corner. Possibly going live next week. I have posted some info about it here:

If you have any questions, please let me know!



To all who are still interested in a kit, the Kickstarter pre-launch page is live! I’d suggest to sign up not to miss the launch next week! :slight_smile:


Kickstarter is online:


I’d really like to see this project adapted for an in-wall touch interface—similar to HA Switchplate but way better interface. Or an 8” tablet. You have a great eye for UI design.