Track CPU usage of Home Assistant Core (like on Supervisor page)

Hi all,

I would like to track the CPU/Ram/storage use of my docker containers and host as a whole. I run HassOS and the supervised page shows the following data:


For monitoring the host, I can use the system monitor integration.

Containers / Addons

For ALL the containers the cpu/ram/storage etc is exposed by the Supervisor integration, EXCEPT for the Home Assistant Core container itself.

My question now is: it seems that the Core CPU usage is already measured and displayed on the supervisor page. Is there a sensor that I am missing here?


P.S. I know that I can also use Glances to track the CPU usage, but I’m kind of reluctant to use it for only getting the CPU usage of Home Assistant Core as the add-on itself uses quite a bit of CPU power itself.

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If u are running HA in a virtual environment, you can get the CPU usage (and much more information) with the esxi stats integration.

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Unfortunately I don’t, I use the home Assistant OS. Thanks for the suggestion!

not true anymore, since HA Core 2023.4 CPU + MEM are also available for Core + Supervisor:

The Supervisor integration now provides sensors containing the Home Assistant Core and Supervisor’s stats. Thanks, @ludeeus!

Very convenient option, in my opinion really the best way to go. Unfortunately it seems to increase overall system CPU usage significantly, not sure if it’s a general or a “for my system only” issue. For details see
How to access core and supervisor CPU + MEM usage (HA OS) - #7 by e-raser

Hi Getslow, I would like to create a tile with the system resources CPU/Memory from HASSOS and Raspberry VM on the esxi V8. I am still new to HA, which tile map do I have to use? I have installed the System monitor add-on. Do you have some printscreens and steps how to create it?
Thank you very much for your support!!!