Tracking individual device consumption

Continuing the discussion from HA requires m3 for Gas - I converted daily kWh reports to total_increasing m³:

The energy panel allows tracking individual devices, and the default implementation “requires” that those are provided by smart plugs or alike.

Is there any upcoming feature planned to track device consumption based on their on/off state.

For instance, I determined that a lamp consumes 20W by measuring it with a meter, so how much it consumes could simply be tracked by “integrating” the consumption over time.

Is this something that is going to be added to HA (i.e., a UI feature that lets us indicated a device and its consumption in W), or is it required to write up integrators for each device?

There is this:

@francisp Thank you for this reference! I’ve set it up and will see how it goes.

I didn’t expect to see an implementation with LUT. Unfortunately my zigbee lights are not modeled yet and I can’t do it easily myself - my power meters are not connected. I contributed a small update though to the integration though :-).