Tractive GPS tracker

You need to use the version from master branch

@Danielhiversen unfortunately still not working even with master version

What is not working?
You need to do some debugging yourself and provide some more info.

I just added some debug logging, so you can turn on debugging for the component.

@Danielhiversen device tracker is always at home even if app shows away and I’m far away. Please tell me how can I help and I will do!

Is the location (latitude, longitude) updated?

Version 0.2 seems to be working

let me make another couple of tests

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Hi Daniel the component is working quite well, but

Sometimes i got this error in log:

2020-10-22 21:16:34 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.tractive.device_tracker] No points

This happens mainly when GPS is inside the house. I tried to locate the device_tracker on the map but apparently is not showing. Device_tracker status changed to not_home. Maybe in this case would be great to stay in the last known position.

Would be great to have also a service to update the position of device_tracker (don’t know when gets refreshed)

Hello guys.

I am new to home-assistant, but was glad to find out there is a component for tractive. I get a similar error to that of @enribomber,

I am as grateful as everybody else to @Danielhiversen, but I have some difficulties to understand the workflow (and actually to know if all is working fine)

  1. First, I do not get any card with the location / status
  2. Nor I get a history line either

password and username are OK. I get a at/home / away timeline. But this is pretty much about it

My newbie question is (a) how to debug, (b) how to manually add some information panels to the dashboard - i.e. I get only home/away bot no more than that.

Minor thing: How do I change the cat icon into a dog one :slight_smile: (I mean, I go to developer tools, status, but my changes have no effect there)

But this is the info I get

source_type: GPS
battery: 25
time: '2020-10-23T19:34:52'
alt: 514
speed: 1.1
course: 63
pos_uncertainty: 12
hw_status: null
battery_level: 25
temperature_state: NORMAL
clip_mounted_state: false
_version: 2c10e4600
friendly_name: SERIAL_ID
icon: 'mdi:dog'

Thanks in advance!

Great initiative, works flawlessly!
Couple of how-to questions though:

  1. Rename the devices so it can show a name instead of deviceID
  2. Create a dashboard card with only the battery status
  3. change cat icon to dog

For question one you need to go in knowdevices.yams file and add a friendly name. Same for the icon, just change from mdi:cat to mdi:dog

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Hi and thank you for a great initiative! I just started using HA so maybe there is some refresh rate I need to set since I don’t get frequent updates to the status of the gps, also I modified the radius of “home” in config. What I was thinking is setup an alert if my cat has “arrived home”… the cat rarely wonders way off so I updated the default in configuartion.yaml to:

  - platform: tractive
    username: "<usr>"
    password: "<pwd>"
  # This will override the default home zone
  - name: Home
    latitude: <lat>
    longitude: <lon>
    radius: 10
    icon: mdi:account-multiple

The overview map reflects these changes but If I could create events to track when the cat enters a perimeter, my base problem however is the infrequent updates of the tracker, the “last updated” in app logged in as the user in config shows much more frequent updates.

Again, thank you for your work, I may one day have an automation of a blinking lamp + notification when my cat comes back from one of her strolls around the neighbourhood :smiley_cat:

I have same issue, unfortunately tractive updates after long time. Moreover mine seems to be not updated since at least 24h (i will make a couple of tries in the next days). I think that a solution could be to create a service to update the status of the tracked so you can create some automations. Another feature is the live tracking that is not present in home assistant, it would be great to have this also. Unfortunately i’m not able to do this, so we need to wait for @Danielhiversen