Transition and weird things

Hi guys,

just a quick question before I need to go to bed.
This here is very weird, does someone else have the same problem?

It transitions for 5 seconds to the off state! Whereas the bulb is immediately at 100% brightness. I was testing around with a few things and delays, can’t get it to work.
Was using ui, yaml in ui and only yaml. Nothing changes. When I delete turn off part, nothing changes.


Well when I delete the turn off part, it does not turn off. But the transition for turn on does not change…

For future reference, here’s the FAQ’s guideline for the use of Screenshots:

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As for the issue you are experiencing, the result of sending consecutive commands will depend on the integration. The lighting technology you are using appears to execute the second command before the first one has completed.

what are you trying to achieve?

@123 Ok yes, for the future I will copy and paste the text. I was in a hurry, sorry for that!
It is an ikea bulb communicating via zigbee2mqtt.
I have my doubts about it. First: there is no transition when there’s only one command and second: if it would simply execute the second before the first one completes, how comes that the transition data from the first command is related to the second command?
I had delays in between. Same result. Data brightness is correct for turn on on the other hand.
@obaldius I want a bulb to light up red for a few seconds to indicate that a switch was turned on. Had much more going on before, I broke it down to this problem.


Because the integration, or the device itself, appears to be mishandling it.


You’re not alone:

I believe Ikea doesn’t support transitions unless it’s been recently updated. I believe only Lifx and Philips support transitions.

@123 so can we exclude a home assistant related problem?
@obaldius it seems to be able to handle transitions. Take a look at the topic linked by @123.
Let’s see if I can find a workaround…

By the way: no errors seem to appear

What I could find out now:
3 data points at a time is too much. If there is only color and transition, it works. When I add brightness, there is no transition.
But there’s only transition when the light was turned off before. I tested it with a turn off transition script, but after that there’s no transition when turning on, only when the bulb was “just” turned off.
I am writing this and hope that someone’s bells are ringing so that we can handle this problem.
Will update.

From experience, I can report that transition works correctly with the UPB integration. Therefore if it’s not working for you it’s because of the reasons I already mentioned (shortcoming in either the integration or the physical device).

@123 thank you for your effort, but I just don’t want to give up

I was able to get transitions working with the ikea bulb if I do a light.turn_on with brightness: 1, and then do another light.turn_on call with a transition.

It might look something like this:

- service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: light.bathroom_secondary
    brightness: 1
    color_temp: "{{ state_attr('sensor.lighting_mode','ct_value_adjusted') }}"
- service: light.turn_on
    entity_id: light.bathroom
    color_temp: "{{ state_attr('sensor.lighting_mode','ct_value_adjusted') }}"
    brightness: "{{ state_attr('sensor.lighting_mode','brightness_5_min') }}"
    transition: 1

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Searching the forum for “Ikea transition” produced several results including this one (which confirms my previous comment):

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@ppaul I was doing exactly this in the end.
The bulb should turn red from the off state and if the bulb was on before.
Create scene
1% brightness, 1 sec transition
Delay 1.1 second
Color red, 1 sec transition
Delay 1.1 sec
100% brightness, 1 sec transition
Delay 5 seconds
Restore scene, transition 1 sec
That’s the smoothest I could achieve. Sad, but yes.
@123 initially I was not thinking about ikea and transition itself. I thought there was mishandling within homeassistant. That’s why I did not look up these terms.
In that topic is said, that there’s a problem with the ikea integration. As I don’t use the integration, I think it’s the bulb itself that is mishandling. As long as ikea does not update it, that’s a pity I need to deal with.
Thanks a lot guys!

Have a nice day