Trials and Tribulations with Z-Wave

I am so fed up with my Schlage lock (BE469) randomly stopping responding and resulting in a battery drain to 0 in a few hours that I am considering moving them back to Smartthings and operating them over the MQTT bridge.

I just wish I had a way to debug what the heck is going on here.

What controller are you using again? Can’t remember. My two BE469’s are almost flawless.

Here’s some details that may help us to figure out what’s going on with your setup.

40+ ZWAVE devices, switches, locks, motion sensors, etc.
2 BE469 Deadbolts, and 1 FE599 lock
One BE469 and the FE599 are about 15 feet from zwave controller, and the other is about 40 feet from controller, but there are several wired zwave devices between to act as repeaters.

I will say that my current batteries are at least 3 months old, and are reporting 60-90%, and are still working.

I have a sensor set up to let me know if/when doors dont lock when I expect them to, and I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened.

I lock/unlock my doors with zwave several times a day.
the FE599 locks at night, and unlocks in the morning, it also locks when I leave and unlocks when I get home.

One of the BE469s unlock when I get home and cross a line crossing sensor, the other does not auto unlock, but does auto lock after 5 minutes if the door is closed. This also works 100%

Lastly (have not tested in a while), but if any door is left physically open and the deadbolt locks via automation, it automatically unlocks to keep the door/deadbolt from being damaged.

I’m running 81.6 right now in a python VENV on an older i3 computer, a slightly customized open zwave (added barrier class).

I’ve seen your issues over the past few months and have wondered if there is something else going on?

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Thanks @ptdalen,

I have the two locks, one works pretty flawlessly, the front door lock (closer to the hub) is the problem. I have about 10 devices, including 2 powered switches, one right next to the problematic lock.

I even switched the locks around between the two doors, and the front door locks still was the one that had the problem.

So I was doing some reading today on people using a Smartthings hub seeing the same issues and read a couple of things:

  1. Make sure you pair the lock with 3 feet of the hub, otherwise the lock may stop working randomly in the future - I didn’t move it closer and it registered fine, might try moving it closer and repairing.

  2. If you manually lock and unlock the schlage, then it could stop responding randomly - the front door gets lock and unlocked manually all the time, the other one is on an automation.

Interesting, so when you say the front door is still the problem even after you move them, do you mean the lock that IS in the front door or the lock that WAS in the front door, as in the problem is always with any lock in that physical location. If that’s the case sounds like a zwave communication issue?

As far as those two “issues”, I’ll say that I think that those are niche cases. Depends a lot on your zwave mesh. I paired by back door lock multiple times (issues when I was learning), 40 feet from the hub.

I also lock and unlock my doors all the time manually.

I forgot to mention my controller is the HUSBZB-1

How many powered switches, just the two? I really think this might be your issue if you only have two powered (not battery) zwave devices.

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Sorry, I mean two different locks have problems at the front door location. One of those locks seems to be fine at the garage door, however it rarely gets manually locked / unlocked there, its on an automation to lock at night, and unlock when we drive in the garage.

The physical location of the front door is super close to the hub, as well as in a couple of feet from 2 z-wave switches which work flawlessly. I have another 4 powered switches, but they are all a little further away.

I’m also on a HUSBZB-1 hub :slight_smile:

I will say it seems to me to be a zwave issue more than a lock issue based on your information. Either of the two locks work “ok” when they are somewhere other than the front door. I’ll say that my most used door gets unlocked with HA several times a day, and manually locked and unlocked probably another 5-6 times a day on average, but on busy days might be upwards of 20 times. Never any issues. I even have a sensor that reports lock/unlock/manual, etc and it’s nearly instant.

How many sensors did your lock produce when added? Should be 7 I think. I only use 3 for automations, so i cannot remember for sure.

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It might have been coincidence, but the “dead lock” issue seemed to start if the lock was jammed, i.e. the door wasn’t closed all the way and the lock attempted to close. It’d stop responding and drain the battery until I pulled the battery and plugged it back in*. Still haven’t had any issues since I switched management back to Smart Things with the MQTT bridge.

*It wasn’t the lock constantly trying to close. It’d let out a beep and stop trying.

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I have the usual 7 sensors, plus the lock itself in HA for both locks.

Yeah the whole things is kinda weird,and its so random as well with the door sometimes going weeks without an issue.

Which version of openzwave are you using? Just the stock release?

Stock release, but I forked to add cover support. But thats now in the current HA fork, so I might be good to go once I upgrade to 82.1 or above

Ah, so the same as me :slight_smile:

Hi there,
Im trying to set up my first ever zwave device that is somfy roller blinds + fgrm-222 + Aeotec by Aeon Labs Z-Stick - all on Hassbian.
.I just saw this post and thought perhaps had similar problems or hopefully know the solution?

I wired everything and the blinds go up and down.
However, it doesnt go down all the way it stops somewhere 80% of the window (although position says 100%). ANd it wont go further whatever i do.

I wonder how can i move this to correct position so it covers all the window?
So far i tried setting different parameters including parameter 29 with no luck.

Another thing to mention is that i dont have a switch and use hassbian->Configuration->zwave to set all this up. I wonder if i missing anything?

Really appreciate any help with this!