Trigger Automation with Mqtt Topic with json content


from wallbox: i want to use a json formattet mqtt topic for number.input
to wallbox: number.input to serve the mqtt topic json content

topic: openWB/vehicle/template/charge_template/1

json content:

    "name": "Ladeprofil i5",
    "disable_after_unplug": false,
    "prio": false,
    "load_default": false,
    "time_charging": {
        "active": false
    "chargemode": {
        "selected": "pv_charging",
        "pv_charging": {
            "min_soc_current": 10,
            "min_current": 0,
            "feed_in_limit": false,
            "min_soc": 0,
            "max_soc": 101
        "scheduled_charging": {},
        "instant_charging": {
            "current": 16,
            "limit": {
                "selected": "soc",
                "amount": 40000,
                "soc": 100

for the needed entry chargemode.pv_charging.max_soc json pathfinder say


i tried a lot of things didn´t find the key how to use the json entry

my last try without success

incoming automation:

 ## von openWB Mac Soc
  - id: openwb2_maxsoc_auswahl
    alias: "openWB2 MaxSoc Auswahl"
    description: "receive max soc from openwb2"
      - platform: mqtt
        topic: "openWB/vehicle/template/charge_template/1/chargemode/pv_charging/max_soc"
      service: input_number.set_value
        entity_id: input_number.openwb2_maxsoc
        value: "{{ trigger.payload }}"
    mode: single

outgoing automation:

   ## in openWB Max SOC setzen
  - id: openwb2_maxsoc
    alias: "openWB2 MaxSoc"
    description: "send max soc to openwbw"
      platform: state
      entity_id: input_number.openwb2_maxsoc
      service: mqtt.publish
        topic: "openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/1/chargemode/pv_charging/max_soc"
        retain: true
        payload_template: "{{ states('input_number.openwb2_maxsoc') | int(0) }}"
    mode: single

how can i do that?

2nd question
is it possible to use a entity eg. car_id (number of selected car) instead of the fixed number 1 in
topic: openWB/vehicle/template/charge_template/1

If the JSON content is as shown in your example then for the incoming automation, use trigger.payload_json.chargemode.pv_charging.max_soc

      service: input_number.set_value
        entity_id: input_number.openwb2_maxsoc
        value: "{{ trigger.payload_json.chargemode.pv_charging.max_soc }}"

If that’s the MQTT topic then why are you using this longer topic in both automations?


It seems like you think you can use an MQTT topic to specify a specific key in a JSON value. That’s not how it works.

Yes. Use a wildcard in the topic.


If you do that, you will need to determine which car_id the topic represents in order to store the received max_soc value in the correct Input Number. Here’s one way to do that:

{% set car_id = trigger.topic.split('/')[-1] %}

Use the value of car_id to determine which Input Number to use.

thank you lot for you quick answer
i´ve tried different things so the last try was that with the longer (wrong) topic
the incoming automation works fine - can you help me with the outgoing automation?

Glad to hear it now works.

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Sure. What exactly is the problem with it?

first - hopefully my english is good enough :wink:
the same as incoming topic the outgoing is also short and need json enhancement for .chargemode.pv_charging.max_soc
openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/1 …json(xx)
when i use the long topic syntax (as above) then i make a new wrong entry - i can see in mqtt explorer but the wallbox don´t recognize

with the car_id there was a misunderstood
i want to use the car_id to make the automation more dynamic and avoid double or tripple automations
like openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/{{states(‘car_id’)}}

forget the first part - after rebooting both HA an Wallbox the outgoing automation works as expected - thank you

maybe you can take a look at the second part with the car_id

Your second automation is designed to take the value of an Input Number and send it to the Open Wallbox device.

I’m unfamiliar with Open Wallbox so I don’t know how it lets you change its max_soc value. Simply publishing a max_soc value to openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/1 is unlikely to work.

To help you with this, I would first need to familiarize myself with Open Wallbox’s programming interface. Do you have a link to its programming information that’s written in English?

as i wrote above after rebooting wallbox and HA the outgoing automation works as expected so no need to study openWB :wink:

last question (for today) can i use this as topic: openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/{{states(‘car_id’)}}

I doubt it. The states() function expects to be supplied with an entity_id. If the value of car_id is not an entity_id then the states() will return none.

so it is
openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/{{states(‘sensor.openWB_chargepoint/4/fahrzeug_id’)}} ?

Unfortunately, I don’t know what is the correct MQTT topic because I have no knowledge or experience with open Wallbox and the information I found for it doesn’t explain how to set the max_soc parameter.

I also searched the forum and found this example but it uses a different MQTT topic from what you suggested:

Now that you know that I am not an open Wallbox expert, and my suggestions might be incorrect, you may wish to try this version:


you don´t have to spent your time with openWB :wink:
i also use this integration

as in my above automation the topic for publishing is
topic: “openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/1/chargemode/pv_charging/max_soc”
and i want to replace the number 1 with {{states(‘sensor.openWB_chargepoint_4_fahrzeug_id’)}}
so i have
topic: “openWB/set/vehicle/template/charge_template/{{states(‘sensor.openWB_chargepoint_4_fahrzeug_id’)}}/chargemode/pv_charging/max_soc”

when i use this in automation -

Got error ‘TemplateError: Use of ‘states’ is not supported in limited templates’ when setting up triggers for openWB2 MaxSoc Auswahl