Trigger Google Routines

Was hoping for a different solution. When I tried it had worked to send to the speakers, but the automation routine when selecting the rest command, there was no option to specify Service Data. I was assuming that it no longer worked consistently anymore.
Maybe I will have to try reinstalling.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I haven’t been able to successfully trigger a Google Home routine via Assistant Relay. Can you explain how you did that if you found a way to do so? Would love to have a handoff from Home Assistant to Google to finish off my morning routine.

Unfortunately not fully. I was able to send a test broadcast but when adding the entity in HA it was not in the drop down. Might be an issue with my config but was unsure of where to go next. I think I will try reverting all the steps and going through the setup guide again to see if there was anything I missed.

If you figure it out, or a better way let me know!

Will do, so far no luck over here.

Any luck finding something?

I haven’t found anything more elegant, but in my automation there is a handoff from TTS over Sonos to a nearby Google Home device, and I just added “Hey Google, good morning” to the end of the TTS message. I use it in the morning, and it’s quiet enough around that this works at least 90% of the time. It’s pretty funny to see it in action though.

This solved my problem…

Are you able to actually initiate routines with assistant relay? A few of us above tried it before but couldn’t find a way to do that. It seemed like a really limited way to use Google Assistant due to some restrictions on usage from Google’s end…

Yes, i was able to do so.
I even able to add items to shopping list on my google keep using it
And activate some items that are integrated with my google but not home assistant.

What message text are you sending via rest_command.assistant_relay in order to trigger a routine? Maybe I’ll set it up again and give it another shot.

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Just the same as i name it.
Nothing specials…

Could you be a little more specific? If I send the command “good morning”, I can get the desired routine response in the pop up window but it doesn’t play on the Google Home speaker. Thanks

Anyone get any further on this without using Supervised?

It stopped working for me two :\

For me it seems that “good morning” and “tell me about my day” works to trigger that specific routine. However, I am unable to trigger any other routine. “Good night” or “i’m home” do not trigger the routine.

Incase you missed it in the release announcement, this functionality is now available as a standard integration.

Thanks @tronikos! I’ve been hoping for this for a long time and the reliability of my morning announcements has been infinitely improved (no more voiced handoffs from the TTS service to a listening Google Home device :joy:). I still can’t seem to get the command “good morning” to trigger that complete routine, but its main purpose “tell me about the news” works great.

Has yours recently changed? I no longer get my weather and just a simple “Good morning” reply back :frowning:

No significant change in this behaviour for me. For a little while the script doesn’t wait for the player to stop playing anymore (I presume this is a general home assistant behaviour change from a few updates ago, but didn’t look specifically for that), so I had to add in a delay in parallel with a “from: playing” trigger to continue.

service: google_assistant_sdk.send_text_command
  command: Play the news on kitchen display

I’m able to run a Google Home Automation/Routine from Home Assistant with this this

Would you mind explaining how you got your google routine to run in Home Assistant? I am trying to do this but don’t understand how from the link you attached.