TRVs to order

Looking for TRVs.
Criteria i have

  • Reporting of valve position
  • Easy bettery replacement
  • As a dream - ability to set valve position manually
  • Boost mode
  • Good integration with HA
  • Nice design

Currently tested 4 types

  1. Zigbee2Mqtt states its Saswell SEA801-Zigbee/SEA802-Zigbee control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT


I have the one of the left with rotary knob. A little bit different design

Would be a hands down winner for hardware and design except for that it doesn’t expose any of the settings. So no valve control or status is possible. But easy manual control. You just rotate the knob and thats it. Battery replacement is easy. You just remove the unit, change them, twist back on. Sturdy construction.

  1. Zigbee2Mqtt states its TuYa TS0601_thermostat control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT


The smartest i have the worst in engineering design.
Reports valve position, boost mode almost works (there is a bug in zigbee2mqtt), good integration into HA (but with some bugs with the mode settings (just scroll though issues on github for zigbee2mqtt)). Only options is to force fully open or fully close.

But has a serious flow. Battery compartment design is a nightmare if used horizontally. Because of this lid holding notches break easily plastic is less than 1mm thin on this parts). So i have 2/4 gone in less than 6 months/ Local control is complicated. It’s touch sensitive and the sensivity is not that good. You have to wake up the screen first and than find those small ± lit on it.

  1. Moes BRT-100-TRV control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

Softtouch. Excellent design. Could even live with that the screen is on the side. Battery replacement as easy as in the first one. Poor integration into HA (many modes including “cooling”. That are bugs on the zigbee 2 mqtt side. ) Main disapointment doesn’t report valve status. It states it does. In fact “sometimes” can be like once in a week

  1. Zwave Eurotronic

Looks outdated. Easy manual control. Easy battery replacement. No control or status on the valve. Good integration into HA

So this is the experience i have. Need around 10 more TRVs so your experience is greatly appreciated

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Hi @moskovskiy82 ,

so far I tested two types (and read a lot about others to narrow my selection down):

  1. Looks like your #1 on the left, but reports as “TV01”. Sucked the batteries dry within 6 weeks which results in opening the valve fully. Of course, it did so on a Monday while I was away for the week. When I came home, the room was like a Sauna. So this model is for the trash.
  2. Reports as “TS0601 by _TZE200_e9ba97vf” but is nowhere near your TuYa TS0601:

It seems like you’re specifically looking for devices that support Zigbee2MQTT, right? The “Zigbee Device Compatibility Repository” states that it supports both ZHA and Zigbee2MQTT. Mine runs with ZHA on HA, I haven’t checked its 2MQTT compatibility yet.

In addition to your requirements I had two more (and one less, because I wasn’t interested in the valve position):

  • Be able to run on its own calendar (e.g. when HA is down).
  • Support Zigbee 3.0 for better compatibility.

The Moes ZTRV-ZX-TV01-MS (I also tested a no-name clone) offers all that and also has a pretty quiet motor. So I finally decided to equip all my radiators with this model.


Update from 2022-02-17: Some of the models I received did not fit onto M30 valves, because the inner diameter of the nut is too small. This wasn’t the case with the one I tested two months earlier.
Also, if you want to receive current temperature in ZHA, you might have to do a firmware upgrade first, which currently seems to be possible with Tuya apps only.

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Thanks for sharing. Does it report valve position? This can be quite good to automate the heater (boiler). If all valves are less than 50% and setpoint is somewhere near we can lower the temperature of the heating circuit. And vice versa.

I have 14 of the eurotroniv trvs. They do report valve position, and I believe that you can control valve position with custom commands, however when reporting is enabled it appears to kill the batteries so I have disabled the setting. Overall, pretty good and do what I need them to do. I also have 5 Danfoss LC trvs, but they don’t report temperature, and I have them on a 5 minute wake up interval. So not instant control like the eurotronics, but not bad.

With 2MQTT it does. If you follow my link above and click the “zigbee2mqtt” button, it takes you to the same entry as yours for the TS0601. There it says that you can read the valve position in % but not set it.

This ones?


Any hints on enabling?

I see the folllowing in settings

Found this post on controlling the valve. Seems good enough but if HA goes down…

[Eurotronic Spirit radiator valves with external temperature sensors in ZwaveJS](Eurotronic Spirit radiator valves with external temperature sensors in ZwaveJS - #9 by moskovskiy82)

Yes. With the setting = 0, reporting is disabled. Set it to 25%, but be warned, it will chew the batteries.

A short heads-up: check my update of my first answer. If you have M30 valves, you might have issues with this TRV.

Hi. I just posted the following question before finding this post of yours. Any experience or advice with the Smart Radiator Thermostat (

Using European ZWave Radiator device in the US - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (


Which ones did you order?

The “Moes ZTRV-ZX-TV01-MS” via AliExpress.
Moes agreed upon the partial refund I suggested, so at least that went well. I also was able to exchange the M30 nuts with the ones on my old TRVs, so they fit now.
Earlier, I tested the same model but from a different seller (“Moes Overseas Store”) and this one didn’t have the issue.

Middle of the hot summer, just the perfect time to order 3 Shelly TRVs. Plumber will install them. I’ll update with experiences.

I have the Moes thermostats: Tuya ZigBee3.0 Smart Thermostat Radiator Valve Temperature Controller – MOES
These are connected to Homeassistant via Z2m.
Now I have the problem that the valve only opens at a 5° difference.
Example: I set 22° degrees and in the room it must first be 17° for the valve to open.
Can I set this somewhere?

Read the manual. For 0601 there is an option to set the hysteresis temperature

I could Not found it in the Manual :worried:
How can i Set the Hysteresis ?

Any chance you already solved the hysteresis issue?
I have the same problem.

Thank you

lmgtfy… A8

You have this one ?
If you do, I have the same. Five of them to be precisely. I’m still experimenting with them and I saw few problems. One of them is that it doesn’t turn valve on or off when it reach target temperature or when it drops below target temperature. The other problem is when you put it in eco mode and switch eco mode off it stay on eco mode temperature.
For now I’m experimenting with better thermostat integration and lovelace card.
I put my room temperature sensor closer to the radiator so that temp on sensors is close to the temperature of trv sensor. I done that because if I put sensor away from radiator, temperature readings from trv sensor and temperature sensor will be different and integration will do trv temp calibration.
For now, as I see, when temperature reach target temperature on temperature sensor integration will turn off radiator valve. And this is what I want. This integration support window / door open. I have contact sensor in door frame. As I test it, when I open door it will turn off trv after time elapse you specify.
I’m still testing all of this, but it does look promising.

How do you know it doesn’t turn off? This valve has a huge problem with reporting valve position in z2b. If that is a case

My valves report valve state. I looked now and three of them have valve state turned off as it should be because they supposed to tun off at 11:30. Two of them has valve state on because they are in manual mode and this should be turned on.
Only one has valve turned on but this vlave is far away from coordinator and I’m suspecting low rssi.