Trying to trigger action hassio.host_shutdown

I’m trying to create an automation which would shutdown my pi if the UPS it’s attached to is down to 600s of time left on battery. I’ve setup an automation like the one below (in automations.yaml), but I can’t seem to get the shutdown to happen. I see the automation on the main screen, and if I flip the switch, the log says “Initialized trigger UPS based shutdown” but the host does not shut down. Is there something more I need to add to the action to trigger the shutdown? I’m running hassio in a Pi 3B+, installed as a hassos image? Thanks for your help, this is my first automation :wink:

UPS Shutdown

- alias: "UPS based shutdown"
  initial_state: 'off'
    - platform: numeric_state
      entity_id: sensor.basement_ups_battery_runtime
      below: 600
    - service: hassio.host_shutdown
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How long have you been running hassio?

Since just a few days ago, from an image that was apparently hassio 2.11, 64bit. Not a convoluted upgrade path.

any errors in the logs? What happens if you try this button

No errors, in the log - if I click host system shutdown from the page, it works to shutdown the entire host.

OK, got it solved - manual triggering wasn’t working as I expected.