TS0601 unusual switch and functions

Thank you. I’ve done a bit of reading but it wasn’t quite what I needed.
I need to find how to determine what these switches do/control, they don’t seem to have any meaningful names behind them but they must have populated from the Quirk so somewhere it must know/have configured them. How/where do I find this, or is it a case of testing them, watching data/activities and documenting/adding to the quirk?

I figured out the following, but I have no 100% prove, as I don’t use this functions:

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Hi @sublevel7:
Thank you for the Explanation. But if i set the Heating to “Off” do i also need to set the 3rd Switch to off?
Or how is the behavior?

If i set Heating to “off” the valve is not closed… any ideas? thanks!

Thank you and best regards


I just use the switch to turn them on/off. But I do not turn them off in winter, just set them to 8°C and then back to the room-temperature when windows/doors are closed. In summer I stop all scheduled tasks regarding the heating and then I turn them off manually. Works for me.

I had one not responding that I returned. Some more had the problem of loosing the connection and the setup. Had to do the setup several times in a week. I returned them, too.

I just noticed, that the previously named switch valve-state seems not be related to on/off:

I have them switched off in summer, but the third switch is still on. Didn’t notice that before.
Maybe my workflow of setting them to 8°C and then turn them off wasn’t that bad…

Thanks for the reply!
My Problem is, i have a few Climates and if i turn them off completely, so they show „HS“ on the LED Display the heater stillt gets hot. So the valve is not closed completely if i turn them to off.

So i thought maybe in addition i have to create a automation if the climate is set to „off“ it will also turn the 3rd Switch to off.

So we are not sure what exactly the 3rd switch is used for, right?

My findings are slightly different:

switch is boost - max open for 5 minutes or so
switch_2 is lock - child lock
switch_3 is mysterious :slight_smile: If I turn it off, it turns on after a few seconds…

I renamed the switches to reflect my findings.


My guess that “HS” means holiday settings, but who knows for sure… If yes, than another schedule is activated, so it does not mean “off” state. So I’d rather set temperature to some low value and leave it on whole time. OK Reading the manual “HS” means heating stop, and there is explicitly written that the valve is closed fully. So by the paper it should work…

I have this one: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005951728563.html

Also if i use the 2. Switch as “Child Lock” i can change the temperature directly on the thermostat. So Child Lock is not working or the function is anything else.

My Problem is, some thermos are on “HS” so the valve should be fully closed, but they are still getting hot so that means the valve is NOT closed completely!
Im think the 3rd switch is maybe related to antifreeze - but im testing. I set the 3rd Switch to off and also the Thermostat to Off.

And on my side it is not turned on after a few seconds again, it stays off. Is it maybe turned on automatically if the Thermostat is set to “heat”?

Im Using a few of this: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005003445791440.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_main.5.f1c65c5frI1Bdn&gatewayAdapt=glo2deu

In Home-Assistant it looks like:

According to documentation, child lock actually does not lock the temperature settings. It locks going to menu and do some settings. If I switch it on, it displays LOCK, so I am pretty sure it is correct. But YMMW, this is product from Ali, so you know… it is clone of clone of clone :wink:

According to HS - just the tip - is your valve is correctly adapted? I read some comments on Ali, that some people have to insert some things (for example small coin) between the valve and the needle on the radiator, because fully closed valve was still “not enough”. Does it stop heating, when you set the temperature to low some low value?

If anything, this proves, that you have to be detective, if you want to use direct Chinese stuff. Nevertheless, it is kind of awesome, that these things works, however partially. It’s like discovering the wheel all again, but that how thing are for that price :wink:

Hi, thanks for the reply!

Good point, this could be the reason, because some thermos “work” so they are getting cold if i set them to “off” in HA (so on device leds “HS” appears). I will test with 2 10cent chinese-luck-coins and a re-adaption. :smiley:

Child Lock did not work, if i enable the Switch nothing happens, i can still browse the modes on the Thermo or hold the button to (re)-connect it via ZigBee. Or are there some other “menu points” i can access?

Also, is there a way to set the Thermo to “off” using the hardware?
If not, i will create a Automation which sets it to Off if the temperature is set to 5.

Anyway, im getting in contact to the seller via Ali. They wrote the mentioned 3 switches are “default functions which are not activated right now, ignore them” i asked if this is something which will come with a later software update…

I will keep this thread updated :slight_smile:

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I epxerienced the same behavior with some TS0601 (_TZE200_hue3yfsn). I run 13 of these. Some are currently only directly controlled by HASS (ZHA). I started in a few rooms to control them with BT. With BT I use the “switch off” function atm. Maybe it is worth giving the 5°C method a shot.

Without being sure, I have the feeling that the state before switching to off (“HS”) has something to do with the valve not fully closed. If I first program 5°C an then switch off, the valve seems to stay closed. Can anybody confirm or disconfirm this behaviour?

Is there a firmware update available for this specific TRV? It might be a bug of the TRV itself rather than the HASS integration, right?

Anyways, looking forward to find a solution to this. In hindsight it might have been better to have used completely passive servos and rely on room thermometers instead of a not so smart radiator valve. Is there a passive solution that just allows to control the valve opening?

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I got 3 of these and have about 3 weeks before I send them back.
I figured I can use 2 automations:

  1. Boost, lasting 5 minutes and giving it a minute to close up and retrigger it to keep it warming up for as many times as you need, or
  2. Find a way how to change the target heating temperature. I confirmed that keeping it at 5 degrees & heating ON, it does not open until current temperature goes below 5.

Has anyone made an automation where they can change the attribute’s value?
I found the following but have no clue how to change it in an automation:


How did you guys get these working in HA. I’ve got this one:


but I get absolutely no values or switches when I add it to my zigbee controller

Have you tried checking the section I screenshotted last?
Go to the device (assuming you have paired it) and try to go to the Manage device section.
There you should see the menu I showed (shows a list of Clusters and attributes with specific values).
Last update for my use case: I used one of the custom quirks and can call a service Climate.Set target temperature and choose the entity + temperature.
How does the device register?

On the link you shared, lots of members share their dissatisfaction:
Don’t Work with the ZigBee Conbee Goal Goal

Not suitable for ioBroker I don’t get integrated.

Still not working with zigbee2mqtt

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to HA so forgive me if I post useless data for the most knowledgeable among you.

I’m also trying to integrate TV02 TRV (_TZE200_hue3yfsn) and it’s working pretty well in ZHA, exept for the scheduling that I have simply not found anywhere in the device management.

In answer to HANAX (Oct 19 post), the 3rd switch seems to be the “scale protection” : when activated, the valve should open from time to time (frequency ???) to prevent scale from blocking the heater valve.

Do any of you know a way to change scheduling programs with HA/ZHA ?
I use the TRVs in manual mode, but if for some reason someone (wife for instance…) changes unintentionnally to scheduling mode directly on the device, that TRV doesn’t react anymore as I expect in my automations.

Good day.

I can confirm your observations: when I set the trv to 5°C before I switch it off (set it to heat stop / HS), the valve stays fully closed. If I set it to HS when the heating ist at maybe 20 degrees, I can hear a short noise from the trv while it is putting the valve into closed direction, but by far not long enough to fully close it.

I tested this yesterday evening in the bathroom where I had 19°C. This morning the heating was still warm and the temperature in the bathroom was at 17,5 degrees.

At the moment using Better Thermostat with the 5°C option is a good workaround for me.

Hi Rudiger,
I know this can be frustrating but bare in mind that the TRVs are working great.
However, the valve-stoppers on the radiator sometimes needs to be pushed (sometimes) more than the absolute closed state of the TRV.

That said, let me explain what I did so it will become clear as day:
Case1: I set a TRV in our bedroom and it is opening/closing fully, as I want it.
Case2: I set the same TRV in the bathroom and it is opening BUT NOT closing fully.

How I handled this: you have to do a reset, so the TRV finds its limits, fully open and then fully closed (or vice versa), then set it to 30deg (fully open) and remove it from the radiator.
Add a thin coin in there so when it closes, it pushes a bit more :wink:

Works like a charm!

On another note, coming back to ERd’s remark (and pervious ones as well):
I am now (in most rooms) fully opening or closing the TRV using the service “Climate: Set target temperature” and then I assign it to the room where this is (or device if you want specific control).
Only for our living room I have set the TRVs to open to a specific temperature, offsetting the temperature to -4 (as it is warmer on the TRV than it actually is in the room).

Your link no longer works, but I got another one from AliExpress, over Zigbee, that identifies itself as “TS0601 by TZE200_[random_string]”, and I have the same problem: no visible thermostat controls and only two non-visible entities: LQI and RSSI. I suspect that it’s the same (white frame, 4 buttons on the lower part):

on/off M ^ v

Any advances?

TS0601 is a sensor - Tuya PIR Motion Detector and Light Sensor ZG-204ZL Zigbee compatibility

I can get mine to work under Tuya hub and Home Assistant, but for some reason it still not working under ZHA.

Here’s a link to another thread that I started.

  1. With installing the quirks I got the TVR to be controllable over HA.

  2. I installed Schdeuler and Scheduler Card and as able to set up a heating program for them.

  3. But my question is: Do I need to do any adjustments on the TVR itself? Meaning a special mode, so the automatic programs work. And if I change the temperature manually, that they go back to the programed temperature after a certain time/event?

Hello Guys.

I have similar device, TS0601_fan_and_light_switch zigbee2mqtt.io/docs/devices/TS0601_fan_and_light_switch.md at c529d3c4c299bdc75d16b6924fe4a49fbbd4cae5 · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt.io · GitHub
but for some reason which I don’t know, when I added it to my home assistant on Zigbee2MQTT, it’s recognized as TS0601_fun_switch so on, I can’t control the lights, only the fan.
How can I fix it?