Tutorial: Controlling any Device with Alexa and Node Red, NO CLOUD

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  • Finally: Thank you for your feedback. However, I can’t subscribe to your way of thinking,
    – I don’t think I’m that old.

Thank you Brian.

And I appreciate your continued support fella. :heart_eyes:

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Sorry to have kicked off this video discussion. Your vids are well produced and helpful. From my point of view I am usually listening to the radio, so clicking on a video is interuptive to me and those in the room. We save that for Trump mashups :slight_smile:

Additiojnally if I click on your video in the forum it plays in the forum page and all the extra useful info on the youtube page doesn’t show unless you also click on “open in youtube” button (I call it the rabbithole button, see you in a couple of hours)

So IMHO providing a short description as well as a text (eg blog/github) link as well as a video is likely to reach the widest and most receptive audience.



Posting the flow’s code would also be helpful (either in your repo or here).

LOL That’s ok Nick, Thank you.
I’m not adverse to or shy away from criticism… in-fact the whole point of sharing content is to GET criticism / feedback, as well as disseminating my knowledge / ideas / etc. - So, we’re good dude. :sunglasses:

It just got my back up that people seemed to be commenting on the medium rather than the message - I thought posting in “Share your projects” forum would invoke comments on the project itself not the delivery method! LMAO


Probably because the majority of topics in ‘Share your projects’ contain all the details and aren’t just a URL to somewhere else.

Here’s a particularly well-documented example that uses both node-red-contrib-amazon-echo and node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2 to create room-based awareness.

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I refrained from that as the point was not to share the code per-say but, rather a project over-view.
Then I leave it to the individual to seek further info / description / etc.

I didn’t see the point in posting the whole project if when people watch the outline they decide it’s not for them.

Think of my post(s) as announcements - with ‘further’ reading required should you find it / them interesting / useful. :slight_smile:

I understand, I will take that on-board for my next post - Thanks.

@Everyone - Let’s please try and keep this thread about the project I presented and limit comments / suggestions to those about the content going forward.
It’s got over-ly long with hardly ANY posts concerning the message. With that in mind, I will ONLY respond to comments and questions about the project itself.


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works like a charm! Thanks!

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EXCELLENT, thanks for your feedback. I’m glad to hear it helped you. :heart_eyes:

I had asked you to share the flow and you dismissed it because it’s merely a “project over-view” and “I leave it to the individual to seek further info”.

Well, I’m seeking further information from the project’s author and that seems like the best person to ask. Except he’s unwilling to provide it. That’s unusual for “Share your Projects”.

I’m more than happy to help you - Please be more specific on what you’re having problems with.

I don’t think one can be more specific than “please post the flow”. That’s commonly done with Node-Red projects here (and on the Node-Red community forum) to spare users the tedium of having to re-create it node by node.

With respect mate, there are no json files on your github page, only a readme.

A readme that contains the ‘Function’ node code I use - Hint: Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V :crazy_face:

You’ve expended more effort resisting requests than simply complying with them. Your advice that copy-paste requires little effort is all that’s required of you to share the flows you’ve created to control the thermostat. Node-Red’s export feature is easy to use.

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If you were to watch my video you will see my setup is split over two flows - Do you want me to share both of them?
Or perhaps you’d like me to do all the work for you and create a whole new flow containing everything you need to recreate this. As stated prior to your replay…

For everyone else…

  • I’m ALWAYS available to help you with any problems you have once you’ve followed my example and I’m more than happy to Google Hangout with you to step through and fault-find your flows.

Hopefully this message won’t get lost in this thread by the few people complaining and wanting me to do everything for them.

Is there anything like this for google mini’s?



You’ve spent more time berating and shaming than simply posting the requested flows. Despite your words that you will help, your many replies have been unhelpful.

You are certainly free to refuse requests for sharing your flows. That can be done without having to characterize the requests in a negative light.

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