Tuya devices disappeared

I have the same issue . My project expired in july 2022 , but this morning all devices were gone . I’m having a chat with them to see if there’s a paid version to prevent this .

I use tuya a lot for the heaters and dehumidifiers …
I don’t want to pay 25k$ for the api access .

I hope they don’t screw us up .

We have to wait until they come back to work , as it’s weekend in China .

2 days without automations .

Same here, made a new account under a different e-mail address on the Tuya IOT Platform and everything is working again. Just had to rename some entities.

Now I’ll try to get the local tokens from the devices and use Tuya Local in the future to avoid this crap…

Tuya Local & LocalTuya are two of the better integrations for local control.

However, I have recently had entities added through LocalTuya disconnect a few seconds after adding them to Home Assistant.

But localtuya’s use of the ClientID & Secret to link to the Tuya iot account, and extract device IDs and local keys and identify the correct software version to be used, is one of the easiest ways to collect this essential information for your devices that can be controlled locally.

Using this information in the Toya Local integration, allows me to control the devices locally without any issues.

For entities that cannot be controlled locally (there are unfortunately some), instead of Tuya iot, the Smart Life (beta) integration works exactly the same. I only had to re-add the devices into the Smart Life app (but they are exposed under the same IDs, so Home Assistant automations recognized them instantly and continued to work).

The Smart Life (beta) integration does NOT require a Tuya Developer account and thus should not expire)…

You are not alone. My subscription expired 2 years ago but only yesterday it stopped working. Waiting for extension too.

No, you should use the upgraded tuya integration:

Thank you - this worked well. I had to fix some of my automations with the new devices but it was a quick fix changing to the Smartlife integration.

They approved my extension to August 2024, but I already mostly switched to localTuya, the only issue is the occupancy sensor in localTuya does not work, so probably will keep both. One thing I did notice that localtuya is SOOOOO much faster…

Mine has been extended as well. I already have some local Tuya devices but when I tried to add my newer ones to local it didn’t work (I can see from other threads that I am not alone, I just need a bit more time to look at the various possible reasons).