Tuya Pet Feeder camera not showing image

I recently bought a pet feeder that is controlled by Tuya. I have got Tuya integrated into HA and all the feeder entities show up, including the camera.cat_feeder but when I make a picture card the camera image just shows a broken image logo… any thoughts on how to activate the camera.

I have been back into iot.tuya.com to add the video streaming API to the project, but that has not changed anything.

Which cat feeder do you have @JayRD ? And are you able to feed remotely even though the camera doesn’t work?

Did you ever found a solution for this?

Can you explain how you have the feeding entities set up?

Hi, anyone here with a feeder with camera, does it expose also an RTSP stream?

My cat feeder also has a camera built in and it appears to expose an rstp stream. Using the IPCams app on mac, I was able to use it. However I don’t know its still image url. For some stupid reason Home Assistants generic camera requires that besides the RSTP url to operate, so I could not integrate it yet in Home Assistant


If you dont have an still image url, you can create one your self, i have seen it several times on other threads here, they use the ffmpeg command to create a still image … have a search, you will find it!