Tuya relay - control other device instead of connected one?

I own the zigbee Tuya OXT 1 gag relay device, which I can control with a physical old-fashioned wall switch. I wonder if I can programmatically detach the wall switch from the device and use it to control something other? For example:

“don’t turn on the main light in the room during the night, instead turn on a small led lamp.”

Currently, the wall switch is always able to switch the relay state, and turning the light off in automation is causing undesirable flashing. I’m afraid I will need to use some smart button to do something like that, but maybe there is a way.

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Unfortunately in my device. the wall switch signal is a current wired directly (kind of) into the output of the relay. It works similarly (or even exactly like, maybe it is inside) as the triac is working: the small current on the gate is switching the device on/off. I thought that maybe my device wiring would be different and the wall switch would be producing a signal interpreted more logically than currently.
And I found the device that is working like that (with the help of that thread) Aqara T2. Maybe I will have a chance to tinker with that thing.