Tuya smart ir

Yes that would be a +1 from me

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From Tuya app I have full control to my old A/C unit and finally control for my Samsung smart TV.

Hi, do you mind sharing what IR remote you use that works with HA? Thanks

I found a workaround how to use it.
You can create “Tap-to-run” automation in SmartLife Applicaiton related to your IR devices. And this “Tap-to-run” scenes will be available in HomeAssistant

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Thank you, mate! it works!

Thanks for the idea. It works great. I used the exposed tuya “tap-to-run” scenes in HA scrips and made “buttons” from scenes. Here is the result.

Yes that would be a +1 from me as well

I received my UFO-R1 today. Used tuya-convert to flash tasmota on it. Works great.

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Good Morning all,
also I own a UFO-R1 and currently not known if integrated in HA, being a novice of this world, is it possible to know what the procedure for the tasmota flash is and what firmware should I go to load? Where can I download the necessary items? Thank you in advance

A few steps required to put tasmota on it :

Use tuya-convert for the initial flash :


After flashing, a tasmota will be installed, which does not work :slight_smile:

Go to firmware upgrade :


upload http://thehackbox.org/tasmota/release/tasmota-ir.bin

Finally, under configuration, configure module, choose

meanwhile, thank you very much for your reply, how do I go into firmware upgrade? forgive me but it is the first time that I do this procedure. Among other things, I am disconnecting home assistant to load the tuya convert on an SD with raspbian and make the change

You just click on the button with the text ‘firmware upgrade’

I imagined but I miss the passage of how I get to the screen where the firmware update is located … do I have to connect to the same via smartphone? do I have to do something once the tasmota has been flashed?

I can’t Reply anymore so i write here:
Thank you …
Now i upload the bin file that u attached … but at the end i have this error:

Generic Module


Upload Failed

Upload buffer miscompare

But i use a rapsbian image with tuya convert installed yet and version is:

Generic Module


Program Version
Build Date & Time 2019-11-06T23:07:19

Is it correct ?

Ok, probably never flashed tasmota before.

After tuya-convert is finished, your device should restart.

It should restart in access point mode with a sonoff-xxxx SSID. (or tasmota-xxxx SSID), depends on the tasmota version

From you computer or from your smartphone, connect to this Wifi network. You’ll be prompted the wifi configuration page.

Configure your Home wifi network SSID, password and Hostname (make sure its unique on your LAN).

Be very careful to enter the correct credentials (SSID is case-sensitive !, password too)

Once everything is setup, just Save.

Now look in your router (or use fing on your phone) to find the IP-address of your new device. Use a web-browser to go to that address.

Now you should see the page of the first screenshot above.

Hello, I followed what was successfully suggested to the letter, now my situation is this:

it’s right?

after doing the configuration as you suggested I find myself in this situation:


is there anything i need to set up to make it seen by Home Assistant?

How can I then integrate it into the home assistant? Do I have to use MQTT? if yes … what is the procedure to follow?

Thanks Infinite

I received a sonoff dual this morning, just flashed it with tasmota, so I’m going to document the steps I normally take to fully configure a tasmotized device.

But first things first : you need to setup mqtt for tasmota to work.

Step 1 : go to configure -> configure other and give your device a ‘friendly name’

Step 2 : Go to configuration -> configure module and choose YFT IR Bridge

Step 3: Go to configuration -> configure mqtt and enter your mqtt credentials

Host , User, Password and topic are the ones to change (for topic, best to use the same name as in step 1)

Finally, go to console and enter Setoption19 1 (and enter), so it is discovered by HA)

This is the error I receive when I go to the console to put the user and password as well as the host (Ip address of the device I guess, or do I have to put the raspberry one where HA is running?)

P.S. Yesterday I didn’t answer anymore because I can’t go beyond the three replies being a new user
if anything later if I still have problems I edit this last post at least I can write

You have to put the ip-adress of your broker, and a username and password of the broker. If you installed the mosquitto add-on, it is the address of your HA.

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Thanks a lot for the help … I was able to use this IR by finally connecting to HA and removing the annoying Smart Home app. Now I have integrated it into the home assistant and I am understanding how to manage it to control the air conditioner in the room. Thank you so much for the help that has been invaluable


Here I am again, then I integrated mqtt into HA and then I associated the doocoler r1 perfectly recognized now in HA with the tasmota firmware. I installed smartir from hacs but now the ir device does not seem to dialogue with the air conditioner. I tried all the codes present (unfortunately, however, I saw that Daikin is only manageable by Xiaomi and Braadlink even if it is strange since before integrating it into HA with the smart life or tuya app I was able to control the air conditioner) what other solution to try ? is there by chance to read the frequency of the IR remote control? thank you in advance