Tuya switches with energy monitoring support


thus using a direct integration rather than the tuya cloud poll…


I’m also interested in this - I have a bunch of tuya enabled wifi light switches. But Ive not seen anyone else say they have flashed/tested them for tasmota. Making me exceptionally nervous - everything works right now, just lots of

Updating tuya switch took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:30



There is a guy who has done a few videos on flashing the smart plugs with ESPHome to expose all the information

I plan to try it soon


Nice find! That should work with the Kogan plugs that @leeb98 was referring to I would imagine. I might be tempted to buy some myself.

His ESPhome code for it is here.


I’ve got some of the Kogan plugs that @leeb98 referred to and have flashed them with both Tasmota 6.4.1 using tuya-convert and espHome using the config in the video from Intermittent Technology.
While both flashed with no issues, I haven’t been able to get either one working properly as yet.
The espHome config is closest so far with the relay and LED working, and energy monitoring displaying values albeit incorrect so far.
The LED in the Kogan plugs is a single green as opposed to the red & blue in the video, but easily controlled using the red LED GPIO.
Still no luck getting the onboard button working and need to look at energy setup and calibration, will update further when I get these things sorted.


interesting. ive used tuya-convert in the past with Tasmota with no issues but i seem to have bricked my first Kogan plug (turns on but the led just blinks). Going to try and reflash the backup once i get a tri-wing screw driver. The brilliant plugs from bunnings work a treat but power monitoring would be great.


I bought some of these a few months back and ended up returning them. The power updates sometimes took up to 30 minutes to show up, and that didnt work for my use case… Has your experience been any better?


TUYA blocking convert


my node red setup for Tuya Power Monitoring

Note: Set:True injection is just to turn plug on and MSG.payload is for debugged , used in HA config (see below)

note: Node Red the node-red-contrib-tuya-smart node …
refer https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-tuya-smart

node details , note poll interval

MQTT Setup within Node Red


HA Sensor setup

HA Results

note: I have moved ALL my automation over to Node Red , pushing the data back to HA is fro presentation purposes only