Two Bravia TVs?

Hi, has anyone been able to get 2 Bravia TVs working at the same time?
I can get each one working fine but only the most recently paired device is listed in the Bravia.conf file.
Then, next time I restart HA the device not listed in the .conf file goes through the Configurator pairing again.

Try to use this:

I’m still on 0.61.1 and everything working as intended.

Thanks Vlad - will give it a go.

Hi Daniel, how did you get the second TV to register as well as the first - did you manually add it to the existing bravia.conf file? Or are you saying that 0.61.1 can handle two TVs?

Thanks again Vlad for pointing me to Gerard’s component. It turns out that my older TV is a 2013 model and while it works with the in-built bravia component it doesn’t have PSK capability (looks like that came in on 2014 models).
But the PSK component works perfectly with my new TV. So, I now have both TV’s up and running!

I just was saying that 0.61.1 can handle two TVs. So assuming you’re on 0.62 there might have been a regression of the component.

Hi SergioS

I have an older pre 2013 Bravia TV which i can control via IOS apps etc with no PSK, did you manage to get yours operating in HA without PSK, and how did you do it?


My TV is from 2015, and supports PSK. I still got two TVs up when I added platform: braviatv in media_players.yaml

Edit: Seems like one of the two entities is actually the TVs Google Cast unit which is automatically found because of configuration.yamls discover: option.