Ubibot Temp/Humidity integration problems

Complete noob here.
HA seems to recognise the Ubibot sensor but its not giving me any data and the state is listed as “unknown”
Literally no idea what to do here ha so any help would be appreciated.

Here’s what I’ve got:

sensor 1:

sensor 2:

Please edit your post and format your pasted configuration correctly. Spacing is vitally important in YAML and we cant see what it is without this. See point 11 here: Help us help you

Also a raw output of your json data from the resource would help.

Sorry my bad. Probably better if i just took a screenshot.

No not better at all. How can I edit the text in that?

It’s been a while I know, but you are calling the wrong method anyway, the one you use is to generate a temp access key, you want to use the methods that take the permanent key instead (from your account settings) such as


where nnnnn is the channel number of the sensor

Working example

Thanks to the above contributors I now have three different Ubibot devices passing info to my HA system. There are, however, two small issues which I’m unable to sort out.

  1. The readouts show OK but very quickly revert to “Unknown” until they update again
  2. The data are shown with up to 6 decimal places, which is a bit OTT

If anyone has a fix for these minor inconvenience I’d welcome their input.