Ubiquiti Unifi Network add on & integration

It should be right here:

I do not have that checkbox:

Running version 8.2.93

I’m currently unable to login on the homeassistant integration (after trying various ways, including my own user with the password|2fa syntax

Mine also looks like @DotNet2Web above, where are you clicking to get that dialog ?

What version Unifi OS are you running ?

I dont know what dialog you are showing…

https://[fill in your local IP adres of your udm]/admins/add-admin

Could you try above link with your own udm ip adres ?

I have the same dialog box @naps62 shows, and that URL is a 404. Note that I am running the Unifi Controller docker container, not using a hardware Unifi Controller. The URL for managing Users is /manage/default/admins/current.

I have tried re-creating my HA user with no remote access. I guess we will see whether that will continue to work after 22 Jul.

That could be the issue, I am using an UDM SE for my controller.

I have gotten an email for the no remote access HA user account saying it will need 2FA, so yes, it seems that the software version of the Unifi Controller does not allow any kind of local user account.

yeah awesome. -,- i run into the same problem. Disabling MFA in unifi account and i was able to connect homeassistant to unifi-network-application again.

For the future it would be nice to be able to create local admins without an TOTP as in the UDM.

I am on Unifi OS 4.0.6.

I created a local admin before and had been using it without issue. In the recent HA update, it seems the authentication is broken somehow.

I can create the Unifi Network entities but when I try to switch on/off Port Forwarding rules via HA, I get authenication errors.