Ubiquiti USG vs EdgeRouter 4 Homassistant integration in mid 2019

Hi all,

I’m interested in the current state of Ubiquiti hardware in HA

I’m looking to upgrade my home network with Hassio being a very important factor.
Currently running a Netgear D7800 which for basic use does a good job in my apartment but I find the Netgear component to be unstable, sometimes completely loosing presence detection right at that moment when automations need to happen.

I’ve looked into and tested other presence detection but ultimately went back to Netgear.

I thoughts are that it just wasn’t built for the constant pinging, authentication login and feedback of a growing IoT household.

I’m planning to move into a bigger place in a couple of years and am planning to a Ubiquiti setup… but it may be worth it to start small earlier and hopefully some stability.


I’m thinking about an EdgeRouter-4 for its its beefy CPU and ram compared to the USG which seems very popular.

What I’ve deducted is that HA has add on for the Unifi software which can do the security and management side of things and a native component for presence detection. Big Plus

There is also a custom component to handle EdgeOS presence detection.

Is anyone using this EdgeOS component for presence or perhaps more?
How’s the stability?

Should I be disregarding the extra CPU and ram in lieu of the native HA integration the USG has?

The wifi side of things i’m excluding because I can make something work for either, could even put my Netgear into an access point mode for a lower initial outlay.

Any thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:


Yep very interested in that component, but there is just no feedback I can find about it’s stability etc, just it’s development/teething. Very positive in the grand scheme of things, just don’t know if it’s enough to make a decision

I wrote that component over a year ago, and it runs without any issue for me, based on feedbacks in the original thread you can see there are no issues just requests for additional details / format.

The only thing which is kind of a problem and I still didn’t find a solution, when a device goes offline it takes up to 30 minutes to be updated on the router.

Basically that integration is using the same functionality as available in UBNT, if that works for you the HA component will work as well

Hey @bar, that is very interesting and I’m very happy to hear you chime in. If there is no difference between the unify solution and yours then either way I’d have to rethink some ‘just left home’ automations. Not a dealbreaker.

As long as its not the same for online it’ll be ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any interest in making it a hassio addon/native component? Not that it really makes a difference to the end result, just curious.

Is ubiquiti presence based off polling? Or system events in a log? How frequently is all the data being read?

I hope it will work, the question is whether it support EdgeOS, if it does it should support UBNT server which is the same as the integration

It works by opening a websocket connection meaning push to the integration after authenticating the initial request