UK Met Office integration migration to their latest new data hub

I’ve been getting emails from the UK Met Office to migrate to the new data hub
so tonight I tried :sleepy:

if you are already subscribed HA wont allow you to subscribe again, and I had delete the old integration
got the new API from the Met Office and its large, put the new API key and and repeatedly just get fail to connect.
and as I had to deleted the previous version which would have worked for another 6 weeks, I now have nothing, and I must have the wind speed gusts
Has anyone succeeded to migrate the Met Office integration to the new data system ???
I pasted the new API key in to a file using the Joe editor and that reported its about 1600 characters in length

Check out this great post by @Troon

It scrapes the new DataHub and works really well. Should last you until the integration migrates across.

the closing date for migration is 6 weeks away, and the old API disappears when you migrate, so once migrated , you are stuck with it, and HA would not allow the old version to remain.
From Troon’s posting it also looks like I would have to upgrade the version, I’m using Linux Mint 21.3 which uses Ubuntu jammy libs, and python3.11 is still at rc1-1.
I’d prefer to wait until python3.11 used on my Linux Mint version is the full released version.
I can get the wind gust speed from the Met Office android app, and might be able to use the Norwegian met office integration to get cloud cover , as that the only other automation that need Met data is to turn lights on at low light level, when cloudy