Ultrasonic distance sensor stuck at .01m

let me get another distance sensor then.
which one is known to be for sure working? pls send link

The SR04.

seems i got a dud then. let me try this waterproof sensor next https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07X5H77T7/

so the next sensor i got works fine out of the box fine. BUT it cant detect anything past 1m. the advertised distance is 4m
is there anything wrong with my esphome code?

  - platform: ultrasonic
    trigger_pin: D1
    echo_pin: D2
    name: "Ultrasonic Sensor"

I can’t explain the 1m, but the default timeout is 2 metres: Ultrasonic Distance Sensor β€” ESPHome, so maybe have a look at defining that parameter to your needs?