Unable to update core from 2023.7.3 to 2023.8.1

Home assistant is working as it should however this is the first time I have
come across this problem of not being able to update the core software. I’ve
checked the logs there are one or two warnings but no errors. I’m using a
raspberry pi4 and I’m running supervisor booting from a 120GB hard drive.
I did get a notification that there was less than 1GB of memory left, I checked
the drive and it has about 60GB free so I don’t get that, I then deleted a number
backups and gain 6GB of memory, now I have no notifications. I have tried
rebooting the computer a few times and restarting HA, I am still unable to
update. I just wondered if there’s anyone out there that had the similar problem

I have a similar problem. I cleaned DB and config.yml but new version did not install. In log not contains warning or error messages

running home assistant os on raspberry pi 4 with ssd i tried to update from 2023.7.3 to 2023.8.0 and 2023.8.1. several times without successs. no errors reported, backup always have been done. i was able to update ha os to 10.4 and tried another time via terminal window “ha core update --version 2023.8.1 – backup” after reconnect ha ist correctly running but core update has not been done.
when i check system → Hardware i find several new ssd-partitions has been generated, possibly matching the number of tries to do the core update.

I think you should post this on the official post for the release.

Make sure to clearly state your versions (as you’ve done here), but also host OS and HA installation method.

Strange that there is nothing in the logs.

Did you check the upgrade log/output for errors and warnings? With HA Core I sometimes find a dependency wasn’t pinned or upgraded.

No need to post your replies here: Just post to the release thread.