Understanding ZHA Cluster and Attributes

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As I am new to HA and all included, I am trying to understand ZHA Clusters and Attributes.
Could anybody point me in the direction of a site/post explaining how it works?

What I am trying to do is to set power-on attributes of a HUE bulb, but I give up when a meet expressions like “Value 0x01x” and "0x004X…

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You shouldn’t have to set the power on any Zigbee device manually through the cluster attributes. That’s what the underlying driver handles. However, nearly all cluster commands require hexadecimal commands to be set as that’s part of the base Zigbee spec.

The only time you should have to send cluster commands is if you have a device that is either not supported natively by the driver or doesn’t have a matching quirk specification.

If you are doing this as a learning experience, I’d recommend jumping on the HA discord and getting in the #zigbee channel.

How do you get to the driver to adjust the options of a device joined via zha?

if you go to Devices’ config page, and into the clusters, there should be a Philips_On_Off cluster with commands available:

TheJulianJES on discord in #zigbee is probably the most knowledgable on how this all works.

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Also more info here:

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@code-in-progress excellent, thank you for clarifying that - I better stay away from that then :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

@code-in-progress, @tube0013, @walt do any any of you have experience with Hue Bulbs and ZHA?
I would like to completely shutdown my Hue Bridge and only run HA environment, but the features of remembering the last state and the double-tap on/off power for switching between 100% brightness and last setting are key features for me in some rooms.

Is that possible with ZHA/HA without the Hue Bridge?

Remember that it isalways be best for everyone in the community if “quirks” for ZHA Device Handlers are made and submitted for all such new devices so that they can be shared and improved by all:



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If anyone else finds this post while searching for how to set Zigbee attributes: on the device page under Device info click the three dots and select “Manage zigbee device”

(This was under HA Core 2023.2.3 with ZHA toolkit v0.8.29)