Unifi Protect integration - modify IP through GUI

There is no way to modify the IP-address of Unifi Protect.
You usually need to change the IP once you decide to seperate your camera network into a seperate VLAN to secure it better.
I had to change these lines to get it up and running again:

This is not something I can add. The current HA design disallows updating configuration settings. Configuration settings are also different then configuration options and the settings are not supposed to be included as options.

There has to be a new flow implemented to allow integration developers to implement updating the core configuration settings. For UniFi Protect, this is especially important because if the MAC address of the new IP/Hostname does not match the old one (i.e. you restored from a backup to a new console), the UniFi OS console device in HA has to be removed to prevent a duplicate.

See related/duplicate feature requests:

When I tried to readd the Unifi protect integration with the new IP-address it said that it was already configured (I guess that refers to the mac address in the configuration?) Could you make it update the IP on during this check?
I also changed the password of the unifi protect user, I then got a red reconfigure button on the integration and I was able to input the new password, so it looks like there is some ability to change configuration data?

Not sure if this will be allowed under home assistant core but there are many custom integrations which benefit of option flow handler to modify initial data. From developer perspective, we actually have full access to initial data and options.


This is really needed. If the hostname or IP changes (there are many reasons this can happen) it is impossible to re-activate the integration without hacking core registry files.

Nope. 10 charrrr