UniFi Video Compatibility


So now the real question…what’s the permanent fix?


Still trying to get you quick fix to work. Did you define a port in your config?

This is my config

  - platform: uvc
    port: 7443
    key: XXXXXXXXX


The quick fix is not working for me either.

It´s hammering the camera so I get:
“Authentication locked because of too many unsuccessful attempts. Please try again in five minutes.”

I´m running 3.5.1 of UVC


I did not:

platform: uvc


Did you use this?


Yep I set it to a random string from my password manager.


Got it going… So I will think about a solution too.


Cool, let me know if you come up with a good idea. I can probably code it up just not really sure what the solution should be at this point. Cheers!


Fix working in 3.5.1 too!



Not sure how/why the camera.py changed but it did and now I can verify with @frelev it is now working with 3.5.1 with UVC Micro’s and UVC G3’s!

WAF has just gone up :slight_smile:



Having the same issue here. Using latest 3.5.1.

Can someone please tell me the steps to fix this? Are there any requirements on username and password (for both the controller and the camera) to make this work?


@Jeroen_Jacobs I did have to change my password for the NVR - it didn’t seem to like passwords that started with a special character. Other than that, I hard coded the password into the camera.py file to get it to work (yes it is still broken in 0.33.3)



Hey guys, I believe this is fixed in Home Assistant 0.45.0. The uvc platform now accepts a password parameter.


Got my 5 gen 3 cameras working, but not able to use motion data out of it.


That’s what I miss too.
I really like the UVC but not being able to trigger stuff on motion is a pity


Is the motion trigger something that could be fixed?They are just reporting idle currently. I would like to get a few more G3 cameras and having them able to trigger lights would be great…


Likewise I would love to be able to trigger things with the cameras as a motion detector but from what I remember the API isnt documented so unless someone finds a way to do it or ubiquiti shares it with a developer I dont see it happening :frowning:


Is your Unifi NVR still working with HA? I am having issues getting it connected. I am running 3.8.3 of Unifi Video and 0.56.2 of HA.

Here is my config/log messages. https://hastebin.com/cavaqaqayu.coffeescript


I’m experiencing the same issue with my UniFi video integration. It worked the first day I added it, since then I get errors like you’re seeing.

For motion events, I’m using a script in a NodeJS Docker container to tail the UniFi Video logs for motion events. Then that script sends the data to HA via curl. It works, but it’s fragile in the respect that if UniFi updates their log format, you’ll have to revise the script’s regex.


Can you share your script for this?
I would like to do the same thing