Unofficial Discord Server (International) and Whatsapp (Dutch). Sign up now!

Hello Fellow HA users/addicts/hobbyists. I have been getting a LOT of questions lately about my lovelace configuration, but also a lot of questions about other stuff related to HA. For this purpose I have set up some whatsapp and discord channels. These channels are free to join and are meant for all of us to help each other out. These channels are not official channels! If you happen to have whatsapp you can also join the whatsapp group (Dutch only). This channel is in no way related to my own setup which I have posted on these forums before (though ofc you can always ask me questions there).

The discord channel has 2 channels with 2 languages (English and Dutch). Feel free to use any of the channels you desire as long as you speak the correct language in their designated channels. If you want to join the discord server please click on the following link:

There is also a Dutch Whatsapp channel if you prefer that (or join em both)


Edit: Yes it is a new server, sign up, ask questions and give it some time for people to join and answer your questions.