Update firmware of sonoff devices without sonoff bridge - Best practice?


I am looking for a nice way to update the firmware of my sonoff devices (motion sensors + zbmini-l). How are you guys doing that?

I am using ZHA with a conbee stick so far, which doesnt support OTA updates for sonoff devices.

@davidaichi I use a Sonoff Zigbee Stick with Z2M and also I have paired my Sonoff devices (plugs and ZBMINIs) to the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge with the EweLink app and I can see no way to update the devices. @Koenkk has mentioned previously that Sonoff have not released any OTA links for Z2M

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FYI, this is still the case, and what more, ITead has not yet released any Zigbee OTA firmware image updates for any Zigbee Router or Zigbee End-Device products/devices at all, not even through their own Sonoff ZBBridge Gateway. See related this somewhat discussion → https://github.com/Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt/issues/10282

FYI, ITead has released OTA firmware for Sonoff ZBMINI-L that is meant to address delay issues:




You can flash these with ZHA if enable OTA and then manually copy the OTA file(s) to correct directory:



I’ve not read about any ZHA/zigpy developers working on adding OTA provider to zigpy for sonoff, see:




zigpy developers prefer manufacturers or independent developers to contribute PR with download code:


If you are using Zigbee2MQTT then need to copy Zigee OTA image files manually as well as no OTA provider for ITead/Sonoff is yet in zigbee-herdsman-converters:



PS: Off-topic, FYI, recommendation is also to disable “permit join” in Zigbee2MQTT due to both security reason as well as a memory leak issue found in some Zigbee Router firmware for ITead Sonoff devices.


I see that the S40ZB Lite has a firmware as well in Koenkk’s repo.

It would be great if the original ZBMINI would receive some love as well, in a form of an updated firmware.

Note! There are also old hardware revisions/variants of Sonoff ZBMINI based on older CC2530 chip and newer hardware revisions/variants of Sonoff ZBMINI based on the newer CC2652 chips.

I don’t think the old or new hardware revisions/variants support Zigbee OTA in their original firmware(?).

FYI, PVTO has built unofficial (third-party) custom firmware for the newer revisions of ITead’s Sonoff ZBMINI (01MINIZB) and eWeLink Switch ZR-02 based on CC2652P (CC2652P1F) chip. The main disadvantage: you need the cJTAG-compatible flasher debugger probe adapter (XDS110 or J-Link V11) in order to flash as the original firmware does not have a serial bootloader. see → https://ptvo.info/custom-firmware-for-sonoff-zbmini-01minizb-and-ewelink-switch-zr-02-923/


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I am not that desperate at the moment to rip it out from behind the wall switch. But I am sad to read that the functionality is missing.

Otherwise, I have no idea is it the older or newer revision. Probably the older, because I have it for a few years.

Then you are out of luck. Regardless, suggest send OTA feature request to Sonoff for future products.

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FYI, victorigualada wrote a step-by-step guide in the Home Assistant community forum on all the elaborated steps currently needed for an end-user to manually apply a custom Zigbee OTA firmware image to a device in the ZHA integration if there is not an OTA provider in zigpy: