Updater not working 0.86.4


Did something happen to sensor updater?

Since upgrade to 0.86 I get

Entity not available updater.updater

The entity updater.updater is only available if there is an update.

Thanks! I assumed it will always show most recent version:D

updater.updater still works as a trigger to send notifications. It’s just a bit ugly in Lovelace (big yellow bar) where as in the old states based front end it was just “unavailable”. I’ve been thinking that a conditional card might be the way forward but have yet to look into this.

Actually I only looked into this because of error in lovelace… I think more people may bump into this after 0.86.

FYI, I use custom monster card to avoid the yellow bar

  - type: custom:monster-card
      type: entities
      title: HA Software Upgrade
      show_header_toggle: false
        - domain: updater
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