Updating from HA(core) v0.104.3 - should I follow standand upgrade approach

updating from HA(core) v0.104.3 (python_version 3.7.3) - should I follow standand upgrade approach? Just wondering if I’m too far behind to consider this or not? I use primarily HA with not too many devices but I have some AppDeamon apps that I use with it.

That by standard upgrade I was thinking:

a) update Raspbian Pi
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

b) update HA using:
source /srv/homeassistant/bin/activate
pip3 install --upgrade homeassistant

No, this will not work, your python version is outdated. You need at least 3.8 as far as I remember. Also there are quite some breaking changes between your version and the latest version.
Personally I’d setup a new instance and copy over your config (incl. .storage folder) from the current setup. Also I’d recommend switch to another install method to save you the hassle to update your python version every year in December.

Ok. What install approach would you recommend? Is this for HA or Python? I tried hass a while back and to get the appdaemon apps running and stand alone mosquito queue installed it seemed too constrained

That depends on your skill level and also how much you want to tinker with the system.

Here’s a good overview of the different methods:

I used AppDaemon heavily in the past, but moved everything to HA automations. You can do almost everything with HA automations now.

oh - I’ve got python code I’m using - does HA automations support the same level of coding here? In particular I have an MQTT server, a standalone python app to bring in external data and feed to MQTT queue, and AppDaemon “apps” to pull data from MQTT and then make calls out to web services using the data

It depends on what exactly your python code does.

An MQTT broker can easily be installed in Home Assistant, I use mosquitto myself. Home Assistant can subscribe/publish to MQTT topics just fine. Also calls to web services should be doable. But it really depends on what exactly you are doing.

ok thanks - I’ve gone through the upgrade to latest version on HA core so maybe I’ll look at this next time :slight_smile: