Upgrade fail to Core 2023.3.2

Did anyone else experienced upgrade fail to latest core? My upgrade procedure was just spinning like 20 minutes or so, until I restarted my rpi4. After restart it is not upgraded.

No, but you may want to hold off until the next patch, as there is a bug in this one for Supervised/HAOS users.

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Got a link to the issue?

hay bro
you are wrong

the fix was put in 2023.03.1

please read again

Not sure that is what they were referring to.

"Failed to get add-on documentation, Unknown error, see supervisor logs" - #7 by benchr is the specific thing I’m talking about. I don’t know if anyone has reported it on GitHub, though.

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Looks like a fix for that has been merged for the next version,

Thanks. Ill hold my horses and wait for the next one. Not wise to be so triggerhappy, especially when running pi unobtanium

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I did read that the same way

My update also failed initially but retried a couple of times and it was ok.

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3.3 came up for grabs now, and it chewed through alright:)

Jumping in on this now, I’m having this same issue.
I’m still on Core 2023.2.5 and every time I’ve tried to update in the past 4 months I get the spinning indicator forever, then when I hard reset I’m still on Core 23.2.5.

I’m running Generic X86-64 on a 6th Gen i5 with 8gb ram and a 250gb ssd (HP ProDesk 400 G2 Mini)
Supervisor 2023.08.1
OS 10.5
Frontend: 20230202.0

I’ve had no time for maintenance as a new father and I would really appreciate if anyone has any tips!