Upgraded firmware on Sonoff cc2652P - Questions

Total Home Assistant / Zigbee noob here, long time IT guy though.

I got HA up and running, about 15 ZigBee devices and a ton of other entities. I noticed there was an update for the Coordinator and router (I bought a 2 pack of sonoff sticks) so I upgraded to the latest and greatest.

[Texas Instruments CC1352/CC2652, Z-Stack 3.30+ (build 20220219)]

Is it normal to have to re-add all your devices? I put everything back in, was having constant drop offs, odd power metering etc. Even readding devices was acting odd. would get weird names, duplicates and so on. I upgraded to 8.0 and it didn’t help.

Long story short, I did a fresh install of 8.0, added all my devices, recreated my groups, dashboards, scripts and its working fine. I have learnt a lot this week. But one of them might be to NEVER upgrade my ZigBee firmware again unless I have a reason too.

Not if you make a backup first. (and restore after the update). Zigbee2mqtt does it automatically, with ZHA you have to do it manually.

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Not normal, but always recommend do a backup before and restore after upgrade firmware.

For ZHA backups see




or alternativly manual backup