UPS recommendation

Hello everyone. I’m looking at getting a UPS, mainly for my Synology NAS (but possibly for a couple of pi servers too) and I’d like to get some monitoring in to homeassistant.

Any recommendations on brand/model that will talk (SNMP?) to both Synology and Homeassistant?


No sure your price point or power needs, however from my experience most of the lower cost units only communicated via their USB (kind of serial) connections. I’ve used APC and CyberPower with Synology and Home Assistant (via NUT daemon) successfully.

Good hunting!

one buys a UPS to safely shutdown and monitor the stability of grid power. second hand you only need to change lead-acid batteries, who will last up to 2-3 years or a bit more

if you want to extend runtime when power fails & charge a phone → victron multiplus or powerwall thing … they are more expensive to invest but then again battery packs last longer

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