Use Bluetooth devices with the Bluetooth device tracker

Hi all,
i set up the bluetooth device tracker in my configuration.yaml and I find several devices, including my bluetooth speaker (entity: device_tracker.bluetooth-speaker). How can I use this speaker now? E.g. send music or TTS over it?


  mac: BT_BC:30:7D:8C:D3:7A
  name: Bluetooth Speaker
  track: true

Thanks and best regards!

You can’t :wink:

The device_tracker integration is just for tracking devices - telling if they’re on/nearby or not.

Is there other way to use bluetooth component ?

i would like to use bluetooth speaker for each sound of HA like music, TTS, alarm siren and so on.

Sure, create a custom component that handles that.

any clue how to do that ? :grin: i’m relatively new on HA and with HassOS installation we are rather limited on system actions/commands.

If you know how to solder then you can use the DFplayer mp3 player with an ESP chip.
Have the output from the DFplayer go to a Bluetooth transmitter.

That should in theory work.

not very simple…especially that the raspberry pi have already the Bluetooth but it’s seem impossible to exploit that…