Use HA as BubbleUpnp Server Control Point

I’ve just installed BubbleUpnp Server on my network, created an OpenHome renderer out of my DLNA-capable AV Receiver (Pioneer SC-LX78). I am able to create a script to start playing the exisiting playlist through the media_play service. However, I’m struggling getting the play_media service to work. I’ve read in the OpenHome docs that this should be possible, but I get an error: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ControlUrl'. I can play/pause, forward to the next track fine, I just can’t get the play_media to work.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I also would like to know, how to control Bubble UPNP from HA…

You can, but only play/pause/stop and forward/backward on an existing playlist. No way to call a playlist that I have found yet.

Tell me more, please, how can I?

I only need to be able to do exactly that… :wink:

because off this: Denon AVR automation help needed

Ok, so a few pointers:

  1. Create an OpenHome renderer for your Denon AVR on bubbleupnp server
  2. Integrate that device into your HA following these instruction
  3. You now should have a media player available to pause for your automation
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Have been so far already, anyway thanks. very much :wink:

With that media player I’m able to pause.

Now I need to find out, why my automation still doe’s not work :smiley: