Use of the statistics-graph map - Color of the graph

Hello everyone,

I see that the statistics-graph map is great, the design is nice and very well thought out.
But, and this is dramatic, the choice of the color of the curve is not possible.
I can’t understand that the developer didn’t integrate it, it’s so simple to do and the rest complex (and well done)

Do you know if we can intervene on the developer? how to contact him?

I read that I am not the only one facing this problem.

Thank you for your feedback on this point.

Do you mean an output like the custom:mini-graph-card where it is possible to configure the threshold color?

  - type: custom:mini-graph-card
      - sensor.sonoff_a48005c2b6_humidity
    group: true
      icon: false
      name: false
      state: false
    hours_to_show: 24
    points_per_hour: 1
      - value: 0
        color: '#ff3b30'
      - value: 55
        color: '#4cd964'
      - value: 65
        color: '#007aff'
      action: more-info
      action: none
      action: none
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Would you like to change a color of the graph line (as well as filling between max and min)?
I will check if it is possible by card-mod in a few days.

Hello, I would like to be able to choose the color of each curve. For now, it’s the card that makes this choice on its own. I would like to be able to say curve 1 is in orange, curve 2 is in green for example.
Thank you if you find how to do it.
@Ildar_Gabdullin @fdpmatic

  1. Please avoid tagging people.
  2. Go to card-mod thread - 1st post - link at the bottom.
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thank you, I’m not too used to this forum, I’m not an English speaker
Where is the “card-mod thread” ? :blush:

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ha no, I don’t have a map history-graph but a statistics-graph map, I continue my research

it’s all good, thanks again

        type: statistics-graph
        days_to_show: 7
        hide_legend: true
          style: |
            ha-card {
              --graph-color-1: #406990;
              --graph-color-2: #9f8309;
              --graph-color-3: #ff7f00;
              --graph-color-4: #6a6eae;
              --graph-color-5: #b3e900;
              --graph-color-6: #963fa3;
              --graph-color-7: #01ced1;            
          - entity: sensor.temperature_exterieure_sud_temperature
            name: Au Sud
          - entity: sensor.temperature_exterieure_nord_temperature
            attribute: temperature
            name: Au Nord
          - entity: sensor.temperature_chambre_coralie_temperature
            name: Chambre de Coralie
          - entity: sensor.temperature_chambre_des_parents_temperature
            name: Chambre des parents
          - entity: sensor.ch_manon_temperature
            name: Chambre de Manon
          - entity: sensor.temperature_de_lair_de_la_cheminee_temperature
            name: Cheminée
          - entity: sensor.temperature_salon_temperature
            name: Salon

Mmmm, it was described in the link to my post which you posted)))