User specific access permission


I am trying to configure home assistant for home network and would need to create few permission levels, for example wife and self can open garage door but kids cannot but they can see the status of garage door (as open/close) and so on.

The document link below seems perfect but I have no clue where to find this JSON file!

Is there any setting in Web UI or there is a configuration file that I can edit manually?

Short answer is no.

Longer answer is no.

Thanks and please remember to take your medicines :grinning:

Takes one to know one?

Dude take it easy, this is the whole fun of democracy and open source movement…we arrive at the best solution after exhausting all other options :grinning:

But your point (& probably frustration) seems valid, how do we escalate this request?

I’m certainly down with this. I’d like to give my kids permission to control lights in the yard and living room, but not in the master bedroom or thermostat control!

It seems not much is happening on this topic? I am also very interested in user based access control of the sidebar items. By that I don’t mean the device-based option to hide elements.