Using add-ons with home assistant core

In case anyone else is having this problem, the issue is that the standard rpi OS is in 32 bit and the images for piper and whisper are 64 bit. I backed up my files and then installed the 64-bit version of rpi OS (available through the official imager).
Side note: There appears to be an issue with the current release (for both 32 and 64 bit) where the /dev/serial/by-id is broken. Shouldn’t matter for these containers but if you have others that point to devices using “by-id” they will break. Solution for that problem is here

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Guys, I don’t seem to get it to work. Piper and Whisper install fine, I see them both working:
[+] Running 2/0
:heavy_check_mark: Container whisper Running 0.0s
:heavy_check_mark: Container piper Running 0.0s

But when I try to start them from the integration, I get the screen of Wyoming where I need to fill in the information. When I add the IP + the port (10200 or 10300) both give me an error.

Hopefully you guys can help! I use HA Core.

docker pull rhasspy/wyoming-whisper


Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from rhasspy/wyoming-whisper
no matching manifest for linux/arm/v7 in the manifest list entries